Electricity instantly relieves depression

Scientists discovered that electrical stimulation of areas of the brain above the eyes can almost instantly cure the symptoms of depression. The results of their study showed that, published the journal Current Biology.

“Appliances direct electrical stimulation of the brain allows you to instantly relieve the patients from depression,” stated the scientists.
In the healing, and most importantly instant effect of electricity in people with depression, the researchers found quite by accident. It happened in the course of the study involving epileptic patients. The researchers aim to discover the source of seizures and to the brain of the subjects connected the electrodes. 25 participants in the experiment were tested a technique for direct electrical stimulation of the brain.

Electrical impulses stimulate several areas of the brain, the study authors found that when exposed to lateral orbitofrontal cortex, several patients have reported the improvement of mood. This effect was almost instantaneous, with the cessation of the stimulation status of the subjects was the same.

Now researchers are looking for technology that would allow to extend the effect of electrical stimulation. In addition, the researchers intend to use the discovery for the treatment of patients with depression without the introduction of electrodes into the brain.

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