HIV drugs stop dementia

HIV drugs can stop the development of dementia, the study showed. The authors managed to get to the roots of an incurable disease.

Large-scale research in the field of Alzheimer’s disease has provided previously unknown to science is evidence, where all may yet incurable disease, gradually deprive human minds. Moreover, the results of this study it can be assumed that certain HIV medications known as reverse transcriptase inhibitors, can be used for the treatment of senile dementia. American scientists have found that, as expected, Alzheimer’s disease is a hereditary disease. But in almost all cases it is not inherited. Instead, the disease develops over a person’s life due to genetic changes in neurons.

The process of copying and alteration of DNA segments in different sequences can be the cause of senile dementia. As a result of this process creates a mosaic of several distinct cells. Our immune system uses a similar process for the production of antibodies, but before anything like this in the human brain were noted. DNA comes from the gene, which is known for its relationship with Alzheimer’s when it crashes. Also, they require an enzyme called reverse transcriptase, which quite often makes mistakes when copying. Alzheimer’s disease occurs because of the distorted sequences.

For the treatment of HIV used drugs from the group of reverse transcriptase inhibitors. And now there’s speculation that they can be effective in the treatment of senile dementia. Noted that these drugs can protect against Alzheimer’s disease and people with down syndrome who have dementia is manifested as aging. (READ MORE)