In Italy, the man suddenly began to cry blood

Living in Italy 52-year-old man suddenly began to weep blood, when it suddenly appeared bloody tears was impossible to stop some time. The amazing case was reported in the publication Science Alert.

The reason why the man suddenly began to cry blood, has become a rare disease. But it turned out it’s not right. When the Italian suddenly appeared tears of blood, he tried to stop on their own within a few hours. However, bleeding from the eyes was not appeased, and then the man called an ambulance.

While the doctors watched the patient, bloody tears stopped, but then resumed again. The man was in pain, his eyesight has not deteriorated. The Italian was disheartened by what had happened: according to the man, with him, nothing like this has ever happened before.
Performed examination showed that the patient crying with blood covering the eyeball membrane has inflammation.
In addition, under eyes for centuries was discovered a few benign tumors. Doctors told the patient that he haemolacria is a very rare condition where tears flow with the blood.

The man was prescribed drops which is prescribed for ocular hypertension. Bloody tears is not repeated.

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