Proper care allows cancer patients to live longer

Patients with a running cancer can live longer in delivering effective palliative care. To such conclusion scientists from Tulane University in USA.

When cancer is missed and complete cure of the patient is no longer the question, the main strategy of doctors is designed to maximize the life expectancy of the patients. A new study by American scientists has shown that the organization of proper palliative care will provide an opportunity for terminally ill to live longer. For this doctors need to help them manage the symptoms and to solve problems. These findings are made on the basis of observations over 2 092 patients with cancer in the last stages. The researchers evaluated the efficacy of palliative care in terms of extending life expectancy and improving its quality.

Palliative care focuses on helping patients with problems such as pain, depression, anxiety and sleep disorders. Monthly during the study, patients met with a group of doctors, nurses, social workers, psychologists and other professionals in the field of medicine, with extensive experience of similar work. It turned out that 56% of patients receiving a qualified palliative care, remained alive a year after the start of observation. In the group of patients receiving usual care, the figure was 42%. In General, the organization of palliative care has increased the life expectancy of terminally patients for 4 months.

Although to some, this term may seem not very significant, in reality, the terminally ill, it is valuable every passing day. The researchers compared the results obtained with the effect of prolonging the life of cancer patients, which is observed when using the newest medicines. (READ MORE)