Sprayed the gel will not allow cancer to metastasize

A special spray gel can stop the spread of cancer after surgery. And it will save life of many patients.

Surgery is still a major and radical treatment for cancer, but they are not always completely get rid of the disease. After removal of the tumor she can return, cancer can spread to other parts of the body or to metastasize. And now scientists from the University of California at Los Angeles have discovered a new way of preventing metastases, which may involve the use of a simple spray gel.They already tested this gel on mice with profound melanoma, which was removed during surgery.

It turned out that the gel leads to a decrease in re-growth of the original tumor, and that prevents it from metastasizing throughout the body. In this case, the gel does not produce an active attack on the cancer cells and strengthen the immune system of the body. In other words, this is another development of immunotherapy – the most popular for scientific research and the most promising to date, the direction in Oncology. Magicforum recalls that cancer cells secrete a protein called CD47 , which tells the body to destroy the tumor. The new gel contains antibodies that block the action of this protein. As a result, the immune system identifies and kills cancer cells.

These antibodies treated tiny nanoparticles made of calcium carbonate. It is the key ingredient of the eggshell, it dissolves in surgical wounds from them some of the acidity. As you dissolve these ingredients and release antibodies into the wound. The calcium carbonate also increases the activity of a variety of immune cells called macrophages, which detect and destroy unwanted cells, just devouring them. (READ MORE)