Tactile sensation allows you to remember without a vision

The journal Psychological Science has published the data obtained by scientists from Regensburg University (Germany). Scientists found that tactile sensations play a key role in memorizing the items and even allow you to do without vision.

“To better learn the subject, it is preferable to touch, as the tactile information plays an important role in drawing up a coherent picture of the world,” the researchers noted.
Scientists conducted an experiment in which participants were asked to identify the subject only by means of tactile sensations – without a vision. Objectives to learn the subject is not raised. A week later, volunteers gathered again and asked them to indicate the subjects which they have not seen, but touched hands.

According to experts, the items lacked any distinctive features, however, the participants still were able to remember and correctly identify. 94% of the volunteers correctly identified the subjects immediately after the experiment, and a week – 84%.

“The human mind is easily and automatically remembers the detailed and solid presentation of a huge number of perceptual experiences, including tactile. You need to understand how storage of such a vast amount of information can be functional, as it can direct our behavior. Previously, we believed that a person cannot memorize such a volume of incoming information”, – concluded scientists.
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