The first symptoms of menopause: can it be prevented?

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What is menopause?

Menopause symptoms

How to prevent the negative effects of menopause?

In every woman’s life there comes the period of menopause. Many women are afraid of him, because unpleasant symptoms are frightening and upsetting at the same time. But is it worth it?

That is why in the material Magicforum tell, what is menopause, what is the first symptoms and can prevent the unpleasant consequences of this “terrible” period.

What is menopause?

Menopause is the last menstruation self, which is determined by the function of the ovaries. There is a period of menopausal transition, menopause proper and postmenopausal.

Why does this happen? The ovaries cease to allocate estrogenic hormones, in this connection disturbed the harmonious working of many organs that have receptors to estrogens. These include the Central nervous system, genitourinary organs, mammary glands, skin and bones.

As a rule, the reproductive ability of women is lost in the age of about 50 years, with than disappear and period. Menopause called a period in which not coming of menstruation for 12 months. Many women experience health problems during this time, you feel unusual symptoms. Quite a small percentage of people can survive this period without any consequences. A lot depends on genetics, lifestyle.

Menopause symptoms

One of the most prominent symptoms of impending menopause is the instability of the menstrual cycle. If periods come irregularly changing nature of the discharge at the age of 45 , he was probably talking about premenopausal.

Also a symptom of menopause can be called hot flashes. Three out of four women with this face. This is manifested in a sharp increase in body temperature. Together with this secondary symptom can be a redness of the face, neck, chest. Often this is accompanied by profuse sweating is the third symptom. And sweat can act as a day period of activity and during sleep that can interfere with night rest.

And that was the moment the fourth symptom is sleep disturbance. This is due to symptoms of hormonal imbalance. Also sleeping disorders come due to excessive excitability, irritability. In addition, pain can occur which will interfere with sleep or will Wake you up during the holidays.

The fifth symptom is you can call a changeable mood. Today you are joyous and happy, and in five minutes you can upset a dog shivering in the alley. Irritability, tearfulness, lack of energy, despondency, depression, frequent change of mood, anxiety — are quite common symptoms of menopause.

Also quite often women starts dry mucous membranes. Especially the decreased production of mucus in the vagina and the bladder, which is associated with a decrease in the secretion of estrogen. Sometimes this is the cause of pain during sex, discomfort.

Occurs aging of the skin that most often upsets the majority of women experiencing menopause. The fact that this time decreases the production of collagen, elastin, that is, substances that give the skin elasticity and youth. The skin becomes dry, thin and wrinkled.

Another equally frightening many symptom is weight gain. Most women face this. All due to a slowing metabolism, a process enhanced accumulation of fat. In fact, it’s absolutely fine, but nevertheless causes fear. It is also known that women with menopause two to four pounds, longer retain health have greater life expectancy. However, if the weight increases too much, it is hardly the norm.

There is also a number of menopause symptoms are disorders in the urinary system, joint pain, fatigue, weakening of memory and attention, exacerbation of chronic diseases.

How to prevent the negative effects of menopause?

Of course, if you are predisposed to negative symptoms of menopause, to get rid of such signs will be impossible. However, there are some measures that can reduce the strength of symptoms. One of the most important is proper lifestyle. Nutrition — the guarantee of health, including during menopause. In the diet should be high in foods with calcium, vitamin D, magnesium, phosphorus, polyunsaturated fatty acids. The amount of animal fat should be reduced. Also better to abandon the store-bought ready meals, carbonated drinks, fried, smoked, salty and sweet.

It is important to increase the share of products with phytoestrogens. They have on the body a beneficial effect, which is similar to the action of female sex hormones — soya, carrot, parsley, nuts, lentils, pomegranate, flax seeds, cabbage, fruit.

It is advisable to visit a doctor who will prescribe drugs to prevent osteoporosis. Usually enough taking vitamin D and calcium. Do not neglect physical exercise, walking, working in the garden. Very useful fresh air.

Do not forget about the observance of the sleep — be sure to get enough sleep (8-9 hours per day). Time to go to sleep, don’t stay too late. Because sleep is one of the best recovery methods.

And forget about the harmful habits — alcohol, Smoking, drugs only ruin you and lead to the most terrible symptoms during menopause.