The life expectancy of people continues to grow

People today will live longer than their grandparents, and life expectancy, the descendants of modern humans will be even higher. This statement was made by scientists from Stanford University in the US who believe that people’s lives will continue to become longer and longer until you reach the limit.

American researchers found that each new generation of people on average live three years longer than the previous one. That is, for example, the life expectancy of modern humans, according to their theory, for six years will exceed the length of life of their grandparents.

“The average age of death every 25 years increased by three years,” stated the scientists.
In favor of this opinion of the scholars say the results of their analysis information about the dates of birth and death of people over 65 years of age, who lived from 1960 to 2010. The researchers found that life expectancy increases with each new generation –this trend, according to them, was manifested in the last 50 years. The authors of the project believe that this trend will continue until the maximum possible lifespan for a human.

The scientists also noted that 65 years is the line iznela modern people, after which for the duration of their existence is no longer influenced by some factors contributing to longevity. According to experts, people who live to be 65 years, are subjected to the influence of factors that can both increase and reduce the life before this age.

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