The woman had a kidney transplant, which proved to be cancerous

In Scotland kidney transplantation in need of it the patient has led to the fact that after some time after the transplant, the woman had revealed an aggressive form of cancer. As it turned out, the outbreak of the disease was precisely the transplanted kidney.

49-year-old Pauline hunt learned that he had cancer, after she underwent a kidney transplant. It was later revealed that the biological donor materials contained aggressive form of cancer. Entering the woman’s body, the cancer quickly spread from the kidney to other organs. About the case told the publication the Daily Mail.

The kidney transplant operation was performed at a hospital in Glasgow in December last year. After that, Pauline hunt was diagnosed with cancer of the abdomen and lymphoma. The doctors assured the woman that the organ donor has passed all the necessary tests, but she insisted on the investigation of this case, the result confirmed that the patient was already transplanted a cancerous kidney where cancer has affected the entire body. Hunt also learned that another patient, received from the same donor liver, died a few weeks after the transplant.

Heard the patient from the doctors and what treatment her body could not withstand.

“I was told that I was too weak for chemotherapy. I know what awaits me,” says Paulina hunt.
National service blood and transplant, who supply the material for more than six thousand organ transplants, has denied responsibility. The hospital also insist that all safety rules when a kidney transplant was observed. The hospital said that the transfer of undiagnosed cancer is one of the risks of this operation.

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