Toilets will conduct tests every day

Very soon in sale may appear toilets with a system of artificial intelligence. They will hold urine and stool before we have time to wash off the waste of the body.

It seems that the bathroom is the place where we have the right to be left alone. But very soon in sale may appear “smart” toilets, giving advice to visit the doctor or should check your health in some other place. Talking about toilets, equipped with artificial intelligence systems, able to carry out analysis of urine and feces before the user will wash them down the drain. Technically this is already possible, since the corresponding computer chips currently being produced. These toilets will be able to identify some health disorders at an early stage, saving time and money spent on treatment.

Some time ago, a Japanese technology company has invented a “smart” tray for analyzing the urine of cats. It is also possible to recognize signs of certain diseases of animals. And now the same is expected from toilets. Medicine is moving towards individual diagnosis and targeted treatment, experts believe. Very soon the “smart” toilets will analyse waste of a person in real time every day. And we would not need to visit clinics and be tested.

Magicforum recalls that the lab tests of urine and stools it is possible to determine the beginning development of a variety of diseases, including ulcerative colitis, stomach infection, Crohn’s disease, diabetes, sexually transmitted diseases and even some types of tumors.Such toilets can also give users recommendations for change of diet, which will help to strengthen health. (READ MORE)