Why children kicking in the womb?

By about the sixth month of development the fetus is in the womb begins to actively move, and science still does not know a clear answer to the question of why children kicking in the mother’s bellies. Experts at University College London tried to find the answer to this phenomenon, their work is dedicated to the publication in the journal Scientific Reports.

Observation of the rats showed that spontaneous movements are important for brain development in the fetus in the womb and to the formation of the correct “card body”, allowing the brain to send signals to the desired part of the body and to control motor activity. Scientists have suggested that the development of children is also carried out in connection with a similar principle.

Experts analyzed the features of the brain limb movements in 20 preterm infants, born at 30-40 weeks of pregnancy. It turned out that during sleep, these babies make the same movements as the unborn children in the womb. These kicks and the rest of the children were consistent with the excitation of brain activity in areas that control the limbs.

Experts spoke about the fact that children kicking in the womb, their brain has learned to identify where the hands and feet, and where the boundary between outside world and body.

“During pokes and bumps in the womb the brain of the unborn child adjusts “body map” – in such a moment, he analyzes emerging tactile sensations,” stated the authors.
Premature babies, in their opinion, should be placed in an environment that mimicked the uterine wall, thereby helping children to better control your body.

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