Women don’t want to drink on tamoxifen, even under pain cancer

80% of women at risk in connection with the threat of breast cancer, don’t take daily pills to prevent this deadly disease. The study showed that this is due to fear of weight gain, the appearance of hot flashes and fatigue.

Most of the ladies from high-risk groups in connection with the threat of breast cancer don’t want to take the drug tamoxifen, which is considered a powerful preventive measure. These women think that tamoxifen has very unpleasant side effects. Scientific studies have shown that the drug for once a day significantly reduces the risk of developing the disease. But tamoxifen can trigger hot flashes, disorders of menstruation, weight gain, thinning hair and even severe fatigue. According to conservative estimates, in Russia regularly tamoxifen can help millions of women, but many are simply afraid of side effects.

The same thing is celebrated in the UK, where only 15% of women at risk in the study stated that taking tamoxifen to prevent breast cancer. The rest don’t do it out of fear of side effects. The study’s authors from the University of Leeds interviewed more than 400 women at risk. 72% fear the long term effects of tamoxifen on their health, and 57% believe that the pills cause unpleasant side effects. Among other side effects of tamoxifen vaginal dryness, decreased libido, problems with vision, headaches, muscle pain and cramps, skin rash and mood swings. This bouquet discourages the use of medications and potential patients.

Magicforum recalls that the major mechanism of action of tamoxifen is the decreased production of the female hormone estrogen. In most cases, breast tumors require this hormone in order to grow. However, changes in hormonal balance in the body due to drugs sometimes lead to unpleasant symptoms. And every woman needs to weigh whether it is ready to risk his own life and put themselves at greater risk of breast cancer only because of the fear of these symptoms. (READ MORE)