530 people to the use of E-cigarettes ill

The number of lung diseases according to the consumption of E-cigarettes in the United States continues to rise: in the Meantime, 530 cases were identified, how the US health authority CDC on Thursday (local time) announced. Seven patients died. More than half of those Affected is under the age of 25, three-quarters of Sufferers are men. 16 percent of those Affected is under the age of 18 years old.

The Supervisory authority, the FDA has collected samples according to your representative, Mitch Zeller so far, more than 150 suspects. It is, however, more unclear, what are the substances for the lungs diseases.

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Many of the Affected had inhaled on the black market-purchased products that contained the Cannabis ingredient THC. The investigation was “complex”, with a rapid result was not expected, said Anne Schuchat of the health authority, CDC.

The authorities had become, in July, for the first time on a cluster of cases of severe lung disease in users of E-cigarettes carefully. The Affected suffer from symptoms such as respiratory problems and chest pain, many have to be artificially ventilated. Several young people are in an artificial coma.

Fears: Above all, young people could become nicotine addicted

The US government announced, in the meantime, a country-wide ban of E-cigarettes with a flavor of substances. E-cigarettes are substances having a sweet or Menthol-tasting additives, particularly among young people very popular in the USA. The US States of Michigan and New York imposed already a ban on flavored E-cigarettes. In Germany or Europe, there is no similar increase in cases of illness is not yet known.

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The big tobacco companies advertise E-cigarettes since a few years ago in search of new customers aggressively: According to your specifications, these products are significantly less harmful than traditional cigarettes and smokers can help completely to “safer” Alternatives to switch.

According to the world health organization, the battery bergen-powered equipment in which nicotine is provided with the liquids to be evaporated, but also health risks for the consumers. It therefore calls for their regulation. Critics are primarily concerned that they make young people dependent on nicotine.