60 percent of deaths in Moscow Corona-patients are not included in the statistics

A long time it seemed as if the Coronavirus is from the Russia deal in a mysterious way. But in the meantime, every day reported an average of 10,000 new infections. More than 250,000 of 144 million Russian citizens are infected, according to the Johns Hopkins University with Sars-CoV-2. And the Virus continues to spread. The cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg had been the epicenters of the epidemic in Russia, the number of infections is rising now in the Russian regions.

However, the number of official Corona-related deaths remains at first glance, surprisingly low. Only 2305 people died according to official statistics, at Covid-19. Critics of the Russian government, therefore, to gloss over the Numbers. In fact, the relatively low death rate can be explained by different criteria used in Russia, in order to decide whether a Corona discharge event of death is present or not.

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The Ministry of health of the city of Moscow, confirmed: “More than 60 percent of the deaths in the Moscow Coronavirus patients are not included in the official statistics of the city.” Therefore, only directly to Covid be recorded 19 Deaths in the statistics. “More than 60 percent of the deaths have failure other causes such as vascular diseases, malignant tumours in the fourth stage, leukemia, systemic diseases associated with organ and other incurable deadly diseases,” – said in a statement from the Moscow Ministry of health.

Other criteria in Russia

A Patient who dies of a heart attack, a Corona-dead or not? Answer this question different countries in different ways. In Russia, such a death is a case, not as a Corona to a limited extent. In Germany, all persons are infected at the time of her death with the Coronavirus apply, however, as the Corona of the Dead. Even if the cause of death is a suicide. “Both people directly died of the disease (‘to have died’), as well as people with pre-existing conditions who were infected with Sars-CoV-2, and not finally, to demonstrate what was the cause of death (‘died’) are currently not covered”, so the rule of the Robert Koch-Institute.

Due to the different criteria used in the day, warn statistics-experts prior to this, the death rates compare in the various countries.

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“The one who dies of the Virus? And who dies with the Virus?”

“The big question is: Who dies of the Virus? And who dies with the Virus?” said Prof. Dr. Thomas K. Bauer, Vice President of the Leibniz-Institute for economic research in Essen, in an Interview with the star. “This question is not really answer to. This would only be possible if every death would be an autopsy,” it is the Professor for Empirical economic research at the Ruhr-University of Bochum. “But this is not afford to.”

“I tend to say that all of the distortions, which show the mortality rate as high, are more acceptable than distortions, which make the death rate as low appear.” The reason is the high number of unreported cases, of the you have to be.

In fact, the overall mortality rate in Moscow has risen in April of this year by 20 percent compared to the last ten year-on-year months. As official data show, died last month 12,000 people in Moscow. The average for the past ten years almost 10,000 in Moscow, died in each April. This year, over 2,000 Deaths have been recorded. The number of the Corona of the dead is reported for this period, but with 600.

Sources: Ministry of health, Moscow, RKI, John Hopkins University, data base of the city of Moscow

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