600 million Chinese go on trips – and could be spreading the Coronavirus more

Rat and mouse share in Chinese characters: Shu. Finally, both animals are considered to be agile, adaptable and prolific. In the Chinese zodiac the animal is to be attributed to the properties rich and cunning to cunning. Basically, however, the year of the rat is considered a good: It is, if it is then officially on the 25. January begins, wealth, and fertility bring. But before the Chinese get to work, the country is first of all still. Between the 24. January and 1. February, the entire country falls into a kind of winter sleep.

Half of China is these days

Even now, the streets of Shanghai almost deserted. Traffic jams occur only rarely. The first Restaurants have already closed. Because what follows is officially the largest Migration on the planet. In early January, the Chinese Ministry of transport announced that it had sold 600 million for air and rail tickets. The significance of the Festival especially for the 300 million migrant workers. Many of them see their children only once or twice a year.

Huang Shuang Hong, for example, has been working for 15 years in Shanghai as a security guard. “Normally, I work twelve hours a day,” says the 47-year-old. “The spring festival is my only paid vacation.” Huang comes from a small village in Anhui province, from which many of the migrant workers of Shanghai come. Although the ultra-modern high-speed train network connects now all the Chinese cities, but to go to his native village, must conjoin to it again a couple of hours with a Bus. There he is reunited with his two daughters. “Our village has 100 households,” he says. “And the spring festival all come home – otherwise it is really empty there.”

Still, China is cleaved by a rigid registration system, the Hukou System. Who is born on the Land, remains of his life there as reported. Only indirectly it can get officially a city Hukou. But because various benefits, especially the privilege of being his children in the city school are bound. Millions of migrant workers are therefore forced to move their children to the country behind, where their grandparents to be raised and go to school. “If You’re willing to work hard, You can still earn a lot of money in Shanghai,” says Chao Laijing. The 52-year-old street sweeper, lives with his wife in Shanghai for 15 years in Shanghai. Back in her home village in Jiangsu province they want to, if you are too old to Work. “We will be earning five Times as much as in the country,” he says.

Round 300 people with Coronavirus infected

The Chinese year follows the lunar calendar and begins, therefore, never on exactly the same date. This year starts relatively early. The power of the country. Because right now the new Coronavirus from spreading.


The first case of death by a mysterious new respiratory disease in China

At the beginning of December for the first time, patients with respiratory problems in a hospital in Wuhan, Central China, were delivered, in. On Tuesday the fourth case of death was announced. For several weeks, was then of some 150 Infected, the speech, to the increase in the number of at the weekend by leaps and bounds. Overall, to now have infected 291 people with the pathogen. Most of them in the Eleven-million city of Wuhan. Meanwhile, however, also cases in Thailand, Japan and South Korea were known.

This puts not only the Chinese government, but the entire Asian region into high alert. Unlike the millions of migrant workers, namely, the new Chinese middle class during the new year, especially to neighboring Asian countries. The China Outbound Tourism Research Institute expects seven million trips abroad during the holiday week. In Thailand, for example, the hotel prices double in that time, like once.

Enigmatic Wuhan-Flu

Of great concern before the spring festival: In China, an unknown disease broke out

Still, the Virus is not identified. As is generally recognised now, that it has jumped in the fish market of Wuhan from animals to humans and now from human to human will. 15 hospital employees have been infected already. The pathogen is similar to the Sars Virus and awakens unpleasant memories. The Sars pandemic in 2003 at a cost of 800 lives, and had serious economic consequences for the Region. The tourism almost came to a complete Standstill.

The world health organization has so far issued no travel warning. However, numerous airports in the United States and in the Region have begun to examine the passengers from China. The symptoms are usually fever and respiratory complaints, and that hardly of a normal flu.

Meanwhile, the markets in the Region respond. The Hang Seng Index in Hong Kong lost on Wednesday more than two per cent.

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