A happy Partner is good for you

Optimistic people contribute to the health of your Partner. This is true not only for the present but for the future: risk factors leading to Alzheimer’s, dementia and memory loss, to be mitigated, if you will, with an optimistic Partner, growing old together.

Not only the own attitude to life are important for the health of a role. This has been established by researchers of Michigan State University, who had examined the marriage with an optimistic Partner will affect the risk for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. It showed that many partners of optimistic people had a healthier lifestyle: they moved more, and were more likely to have a healthy body weight, which protects both against a decline in mental efficiency.

"It looks like people who are married with optimists would abschneiden&quot, in all of these metrics tend to be better;, noted William Chopik, a Professor of psychology. The scientists had observed of 4,500 couples for up to eight years and a connection between the marriage with an optimistic Person and the risk for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia derived.

Optimism lässt learning

An optimistic Partner can encourage you to eat a salad, or to move together. When a life companion with the Smoking stops, the Partner often follows within a few weeks or months this example. According to Chopik, the doctor may prescribe optimism, but you could train him: "There are studies that show that people can change their personality, if you really want it. There are also intervention programs, suggesting that you can learn optimism."