Are pimples caused by Stress?

Pressure in the Job, a dispute in the family – and sprießen the pimples. The skin reacts to the loads tatsämainly, with impurities? And what köcan Affected against stress-related acne company?

Schöbeauty blemish: Who, for example, from Nervosität ömore often in the face enough, löst may pimples from

The body hurts, rötet and wölbt: A pimple küto completed. Long seemed clear that this unpleasant experience first and foremost, Teenagers are affected. However, the geächanged, the average age of acne patients is now 26.5 years. Why is that, weiß not exactly.

Recently, for example, the influence of the Luftqualit&auml is;t discussed. A study from Beijing, according to a pimples are on the rise, if the values für particulates, ozone and other environmental toxins are on the rise. Fachädoctors see mödaily Gründe füthe development, however, especially in individual factors, such as the Ernäexecution or life situation.

Stress Conditional Picking: Hähands off the face!

A recent Italian study about rückt Stress as a pimple Auslöser in the focus. The research Director, Dr. Anna Di Landro had compared on the basis of data from eight skin clinic clinics 248 Acne patients with 270 women from other Grüin the practices had come. Auffälligster difference: the Former were häsingle-stage berufstätig as the women in the control group, and their psychological Stress in the previous month they felt ömore often as high or very high. 

Nancy Gers, a cosmetician in a pharmacy in Duisburg, bestäconfirmed this observation: "That Stress pimple makes, höI re often." Many of her clients report that the skin, for example, before important Prüexams will be worse. "A simple Erkläof dafür is in our Händen", according to the expert. Who nervös, knibbelt more, so spread the bacteria on the skin and föpromotes more pimples.

"Hände in the face!", Dr. Annette Schaefer recommends. The dermatologist directs the württemberg of Oehringen an acne consultation. Initially, the &Auml was;rztin sceptical as to whether in the case of impure skin Stress tatsäactually plays a role. "Today I say: Stress causes pimples. In patients that I take care of a long time, I see clearly that in the case of special loads, acne increases or significantly deteriorated." 

Süßit, nicotine and alcohol begüother acne

Part of the physio logically begründ: "From the neuro-immunology we know that the skin in stress situations, substances Entzündungen fördern", erläSchaefer explained. Nervosität but can also harm indirectly to the complexion. "I ask, bestätransparent customers, they Stress much more Süßstrength eat as sonst", beautician Gers reported. Nicotine and alcohol begüother acne also.

The fällt in crisis and stress situations, often very difficult: The main ingredient für a successful acne treatment patience &ndash is; both Experts emphasise. So Nancy Gers calculates two months, in order to assess köcan, whether a new care series. "The skin needs 28 days to renew itself. And real Veräthe changes do not show until after two rounds."  Many patients hope that prescription drugs help faster. "In General, it takes three months to know whether a treatment is optimal anschlägt", Derma&shy says;tologin Schaefer.

The köcan Affected against acne companies

What köcan Concerned home self-füdo your stressed-out complexion? "Only well-cleaned skin can werden&quot maintained;, erklärt Nancy Gers. The skin with special products täresembled of dirt and überschüssigem sebum, but must not dry out. The beautician recommends, therefore, also a light moisturiser – best to use a product with entzümaking inhibitory Zusäappreciate how the B-Vitamin Niacinamide.

To scrubs rät only as long as the skin is not acute entzüis. "Best Fruchts&auml help;acid and enzyme peels." The Schleif­köbody in mechanical scrubs köcan small skin injuries begülow, this bacteria are to be distributed. Especially in the case of blemished skin in adults, the so-called Spätakne, games the care a very special role, says Schaefer. "Often the women have used for years on unsuitable products. You must omit, once, to see what für is a type of skin." The Derma­­tologin recommends grundsäin addition hypoallergenic, so für Allergy-free products.   

Außerdem should be Concerned für the face of a Stoß Gästehandtücher and this – once you have used once &ndash were; at least 60 degree wash. This way of acne-involved bacteria are eliminated. Schaefer: "The patients follow this tip, your skin will be significantly better." Also the pillowcase regelm&auml should;ßig be changed, says the Ärztin. In severe Fäcases already after three Näwant to. "Außbesides, you should &ouml also the pillow itself;fter replacing. Not a few Acne patients have house dust mite Allergy, therefore, the old bedding can worsen your skin."

Antibiotics, Entzümaking inhibitors, and retinoids köcan help

In the acne clinic medical Pr&auml come;parate into the game. They contain antibiotics and drugs against calluses, also Entzümaking inhibitors. "Such Kombinationspräparate, you can apply for the long term, without resistance, to riskieren", Schaefer says. From the inside antibiotics and &ndash help; in severe Fäcases – low-dose Isotretinoin. The latter &shy poses;Risks für women in the gebärfäof working age, an Embryo can schäwalk-in.

In some patients, Schaefer also uses light therapy. Flash lamps about köcan the bacteria flora have a positive influence. "That doesn’t work schlecht", the &Auml says;rztin. The therapy, however, is not a miracle cure and müsse out of their own pocket to be paid. Per session of between 40 and 200 Euro f&auml be;- digit. Patience is üby the way, only wäduring the therapy, asked – not in front of it. Schaefer: "One should not try too long to treat acne alone. The früyou are right, the better für the skin."

Can cause the consumption of milk pimples? 

For US researchers is a connection between milk consumption and acne suspect, discuss dermatologist üabout the supposedly healthy Getränk.  

Hautärztin Annette Schaefer reported that in many patients the skin improves, if you omit Fast Food such as bars, Pizza, pre-packaged cakes and biscuits. The cause dafür sees you in the high Milcheiweiß- and Sugar content of such products. The sugar with simple carbohydrates exacerbates the Problem, because erhöhte insulin values Entzündungen föpromote.  

But also athletes food and Diäpowder put on cheap Milcheiweiß. Not infrequently, the &Auml has;rztin patients, where according to ambitious sports or Diätprogrammen acne occurs.

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