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Facial nerve paralysis: A failure of the facial nerve is impacted the Affected köfrom a physical and also mentally. What are the therapies to revive the frozen facial Expressions new

Failure of the facial Expressions: In the case of a Fazialislähmung may have a Gesichtshähalf a mask-like, frozen look

It sounds like a nightmare: out of nowhere pl&ouml is;in addition, a Gesichtshähalf gelähmt. You can’t läsmile and only washed out of the corner of his mouth to speak, on the affected side hängt down, and the eye schließt not more. Fäthe Facial nerve-nerve halb&shy llt;side, stüthe rzt of the Betrof­concerned often is in a deep crisis.

Affected unterdrühide out of shame Gefühlsregungen

"Für the patient has a Gesichtslähmung significant consequences. The company zurück and avoid Gefüto show cave, the asymmetries are not to verstärken", erklärt Dr. Andreas Kehrer from the Universitätsklinikum Regensburg, Germany.

Für 20 to 40 people per 100,000 inhabitants of the disfiguring loss of face pl&ouml is;in addition Realität. In 2016, went, according to the national health survey of almost 18,000 patients with a diagnosis of facial palsy in statio­näre treatment.

The disease is according to statistics, in all age groups, the höthe highest numbers of cases, however, in the case of people über 65. What many people don’t know to be Concerned: There are very good Behandlungsmöopportunities, the legitimate hope of a revived ­Facial expressions and more Lebensqualität make – and this both in the acute and in the chronic Phase of the disease. This applies even if the medical professionals know what the Gesichtslähmung in the specific case has caused.

The facial Expressions activate it again

Only in 25 to 40 percent of the Fälle are the causes of the Lähmung understandable – for example, an infection with Herpes Zoster or the flu virus, a neurological disease, a brain tumor or an accident. A stroke can be a half-page Gesichtslähmung. Für individual therapy, it is important to grüsensitive neurological tests to klären, what is the Auslöser be köcould.

On häthe most common diagnose the Ädoctors at the Affected a so-called idiopathic Gesichtslähmung. The heißt: The disease occurs spontaneously, without the physician a clear cause dafür fixed k&ouml make;can. "Probably, it comes to a Entzümaking, the the nerve so strong swell lässt, that he himself his blood supply abdrückt", erklärt Professor Steffen Eisenhardt of the clinic für plastic and hand surgery, University medical centre Freiburg.

Für patients with a spontaneously occurring Schädamage to the facial nerve, but he has also a good message: "In 70 percent of the Fälle it is zurück." The Affected are usually with cortisone &ndash treated; according to the aktu­ellen guidelines of the German society für Neuro­Metrology is the therapy of first choice. The active ingredient begüconvenient the vollstäfull Rückbildung the Lähmung, heißt it there.

The time window

But what if the Gesichtslähmung  remain in the system? Both experts advise not to be Concerned, then having to wait to long. "The gümost beneficial rent a time für surgery is often verpasst", criticized sweeper.

Many patients and their treating Ädoctors wüauthorities to long on unterstüChairman procedures such as physiotherapy and Logopäthe. This Maßtook köcan improve the handling of the disease, but have no influence on the Regeneration of the Facial nerve.

Surgery as a way out

Within six up to a maximum of 18 months, it is möpossible to supply the still-intact facial muscles surgically with a replacement nerve. This succeeds, for example, by üvia a nerve graft to the Facial nerve of the healthy Gesichtshähalf is connected or to another nerve on the geläfamous page anschließt, such as the masseter. "If the Facial nerve geläis hmt, the muscles of the face not with current pulses versorgt", erklärt Eisenhardt. "In the frühen Phase, when the muscles are fresh geläis hmt and still not zurühas ckgebildet, we have the Möurgency as impulses."

Is closed this time window already, köother Operations-can the functions of the Fazialisnervs procedures to recover and new life in the face. Because the facial muscles as an untrained biceps is weak and useless, it must be replaced. To do this, transplant surgeons working muscles from the Köthe body periphery in the face. These muscles müthey, in turn, activated by a replacement of nerve that is transplanted.

Affected need a lot of patience

To the patient after a muscle and Nerve transfer to spontaneous läsmile and Gefühle show köcan, it will take several months. Most of the take in purchase to get back without größEUA visible Einschrärestrictions on social life have to köcan and more Lebensqualitäto know t.

Recent scientific studies show excellent results of the Relocation and transplantation processes. Asymmetries of the face köcan be compensated in the rule permanently. Only in rare Fäcases of complications &ndash reported; during a nerve transfer, they affect less than seven percent of the operated patients.

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