Black toothpaste – make the pearly whites really white?

The promise is large: With a black Paste to the teeth so beautiful and white scrub. The color scheme is active is included of coal, therefore. The idea is that their large surface area to absorb the dirt like a sponge. Dentists are in it but disagree. You suspect that it is mainly the scouring power of the coal, the clean the teeth.

Stiftung Warentest has, therefore, considered two of the black tooth creams in more detail. The good news first: they both contain Fluoride, which protects against tooth decay, and both pastes remove stains. Therefore, both the Dontodent Black Shine of the dm (EUR 1.27 for 100 ml) as well as the happy brush Super Black toothpaste ($3.95) received the overall assessment “Good”. But Other tested toothpastes are much better.

Activated carbon

Because of Detox-miracle! Why avoid black food better

Black burgers, black Croissants and even black ice: food with activated carbon are in the Trend. To bind pollutants. However, experts warn that you can damage more than they.

For a few cents, there are good toothpastes

The winner of the universal tooth-pastes are dm Dontodent herbal, buy land Bevola herbs (45 cents per Tube) and Müller Sensident (65 cents). They remove stains very well, so they can keep up with white Mach pastes. In category pearl white (3,60 Euro) is the best, followed by Odol-med 3 Extra White (0,90 Euro). Anyone who has sensitive teeth, for there are good toothpastes. The Dentalus of Lidl and Frisco dent of Aldi Süd, for example, (65 cents). In addition to Fluoride, most tooth containing pastes other additives such as zinc, the Plaque, Tartar and mouth odor is to prevent it. Caution in the case of pastes, which contain cleaning bodies, warns Stiftung Warentest. The remove although unsightly stains, but necks in the long term damage, for example, in the case of exposed tooth.

Stiftung Warentest rating of by the way, products that do not provide caries protection by Fluoride automatically “defective”. Currently, the only three dental creams of the case: in the case of the white paste make logo dent, as well as the universal creams Alviana and Karex. The other caries-protective plant-based, for the effectiveness of the Tester but found no convincing evidence.

The whole Test is available for a fee here.