Body heat as a key to lose weight

To regulate body temperature in the brain, could be a Trick for successful dieting, according to a new study from California. If the scientists in mice blocked a brain receptor that normally controls the body heat, the animals lost more weight.

Much of the energy we consume on a daily basis with the food, is converted into body heat. In bad times, with a shortage of food, the body adapts by lowering the body temperature. Professor Bruno Conti of the Scripps Research Institute in La Jolla, explains: "This is a basic survival mechanism. The body says: Let us, today, to save energy, maybe we can find food tomorrow."

This reduction in body temperature makes the success of some diet negated, but Conti and his Team have elucidated the mechanism of this reaction and found that a certain Receptor in the brain regulates the body heat diet. This Receptor was blocked in lean mice that were six weeks on the diet, so the animals took a further six per cent of body weight, while animals from the control group had adapted to the new diet and your weight not changing.

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Similar results were obtained with thicknesses mice When the Receptor was blocked during the diet, took you almost twice as much as usual. When the animals were fed normally, showed no effect.

This discovery could result in losing a medication, the people supported, and a calorie-reduced diet in weight. Therefore, Conti plans to test existing drugs, which are known to block the Receptor. "The medium for the interaction with this mechanism may already be available, and if we find them, they may be applied quickly, as a drug."