Burp, bölken, a belch did not make it: you really like talking about it, there’s the Burping in people’s mouth surprisingly many synonyms. Doctors, however, like to use the from the Latin root word Ruktus (ructus = regurgitation).

Our burp-facts at a Glance:

1. (Why) must regurgitation of the man at all?2. How often burps the person normally?3. Suppress or prefer to get out of this?4. How is the sound when Belching?5. Why does the air sometimes, if you have belching?6. What acid is Regurgitation?7. When is Belching a case for the doctor?8. What is Rülpsstimme?9. Is it true that you can’t burp in space?10. How loud a person can burp?11. And how long is a burp can take?12. Where can I burp without a guilty Conscience?13. Need to make babies after every meal with a burp?

1. Why must regurgitation of the man at all?

Whether eat, Drink, or Speak: With every Swallow a little air passes through the mouth and esophagus into the stomach. This air must escape. And she does, preferably, to the top.

Normally, the Transition between the stomach and esophagus, to the stomach mouth (Cardia) is closed tightly. This prevents food from porridge to flow back into the esophagus. “From a certain pressure created by the air in the stomach, it is, however, a type of valve mechanism: The stomach, mouth opens for a Moment and the air escapes to the top,” explains gastroenterologist Prof. Christian Trautwein. Trautwein is a media spokesperson for the German society for gastroenterology, digestive and metabolic diseases (DGVS) and Director of the Medical clinic III of the University hospital Aachen.

By the way: A part of the swallowed air passes to the other Due to the Free. The gas mixture escapes through the Anus, so as Pups. On the other, a small quantity of the blood in the lungs and, from there, with the breathing air to the outside.

2. How often burps the person normally?

This is dependent on various factors. There are people who talk extremely fast or eat and as a result, more air to swallow than others. Also it depends on what you eat or drink. Who likes to drink and plenty of Fizz, will be more prone to Burp as someone who preferred non-carbonated water.

“In addition, plays a role in how well the Transition between stomach and esophagus when Each of the seals,” explains Trautwein. “For some people, the closure mechanism works less well, so you will need to drain the air in the Form of a Rülpsers.”

Tip: those Who frequent Belching reduce want should be careful, slow, and not too much at once to eat. Also carbonated beverages can promote Burping.

3. Suppress or prefer to get out of this?

No question about it: With your mouth open or loud to not be heard burping in the country. But even with a closed mouth sense, a Regurgitation to suppress? And: Is that even possible?

Trautwein has a clear opinion: “The Best is let the air out of the top. Belching is a normal physiological process. In the middle ages, Burp was even commonplace and a sign that the meal tasted.”

Conclusion: Regurgitation is something totally Normal and not disgusting as long as you have the mouth closed.

4. How is the sound when Belching?

The classic Rülpsgeräusch is created at the narrowest point of the esophagus, which is located right at the entrance of the esophagus behind the larynx is located in the esophagus mouth (Esophagus = larynx).

In the resting state, the esophagus, the mouth is a muscle, and the surrounding venous plexus is tightly closed. When you Swallow, the sphincter relaxes, so that the food can pass through the esophagus.

The inner diameter of the esophagus is the esophagus, the mouth is only about 14 to 15 mm. Accordingly, high pressure is when the air from the stomach flows against the closed esophagus mouth. A more or less loud noise is heard.

5. Why does the air sometimes, if you have belching?

Perhaps you guessed it already: The sour smell when you Burp sometimes, with the human digestion to do. Christian Trautwein explains: “In the stomach the food is pre-digested. In the process, gases may be generated. If this escape together with the air, the smell of Belching, too.”

6. What acid is Regurgitation?

If of Belching or Burping is the speech, is usually the Escape of air through the mouth is meant. “The acid, the acid is pressed Regurgitation, however, the stomach contents into the esophagus,” says Trautwein. “One speaks then also of a Reflux.”

7. When is Belching a case for the doctor?

The good news is that The normal Belching, so the Escape of air, is almost always harmless. Attention should, however, if you change to perceive. This includes more frequent or more intense Belching, and include, for example, as you are previously accustomed, but also a persistent feeling of fullness, or stomach problems. Such complaints may be an indication of a physical disorder, such as inflammation in the stomach area or a lactose intolerance. In case of doubt, you should ask the doctor for advice.

Belching of air is usually not a cause for concern. Otherwise it looks when acid Regurgitation from. Anyone who constantly suffers from heartburn or a sour taste in the mouth, should consult in any case, the doctor. Because If permanently corrosive gastric juice flows up the esophagus damage.

8. What is Rülpsstimme?

Small children often find it fun to burp words or even whole sentences. One could speak of a Rülpsstimme. But there is also a medical Regurgitation, the colloquially as Rülpsstimme referred to is: the esophageal voice. It is a replacement voice for people with no larynx have and thus, in the normal way, no vocal sound more you can generate.

The Rülpsstimme is a technique that must be learned. It works like this: The Person swallows air. Then you generate with the abdominal muscles a positive Pressure in the mouth, so the air is pushed into the esophagus. Now, the Person presses the air in the mouth. Use of the palate, tongue and lips, they can generate different sounds and Loud forms.

9. Is it true that you can’t burp in space?

Even everyday things like brushing teeth or food for astronauts is a challenge, because in weightlessness there is no Up and Down. But as the Regurgitation is? This is a question we have Dr. med. Claudia Stern from the German center for air and space travel (DLR) is made.

“On earth, the food on the floor of the stomach, and the air about it. In the weightlessness of the air with the floating of the stomach is mixed content,” explains Stern, who directs the DLR is the aerospace medical division. “This means that you can regurgitation, but this is a mixture of air and liquid gastric contents, thus a kind of ‘wet’ Burp.”

Conclusion: Regurgitation in All is theoretically possible. However, it is not a burp on the earth to compare, because of the burp from the stomach contents and air would be. “This is also the reason why there are on the International space station, no carbonated drinks,“ says Stern. Cola, mineral water and other sparkling drinks in the All so taboo.

10. How loud a person can burp?

According to. Very noisy even.

Imagine, in five meters distance throws someone a jackhammer to. The volume reached a value of around 100 decibels.

The loudest documented burp can easily compete: All of 109.9 decibels, achieved by Paul Hunn, in the year 2009. This dubious record gave the Englishman an entry into the Guinness book of records.

11. And how long is a burp can take?

For a long time. A very long time.

The record of Michele Forgione has developed in the context of a beer festival in the Italian municipality of Reggiolo. Be noisy Belching was significantly longer than a Minute to listen. To be precise: 1 Minute 13 seconds and 57 milliseconds. Thus, the Italian who is also under the name of Rutt Mysterio is known, since 2009 undisputed.

12. Where can I burp without a guilty Conscience?

Irrespective of to your heart’s desire to belch, which is not only behind closed doors. In some cultures, Burping is not bad. For example, in the case of the Chinese. Light Burping is not a reason to be on the table banished.

A less well-known place where a lot of gerülpst is located in Mexico – in the case of the Tzotzils. These descendants of the Mayas living in the Mexican state of Chiapas. In the Church of the small town of Chamula believers try to expel it through Belching evil spirits. To this end, there is plenty to drink. The Belching is particularly good, the Tzotzils preferably, carbonated soft drinks, or alcohol from sugar cane.

13. Need to make babies after every meal with a burp?

Not always, but often.

Babies swallow during feeding or Drinking from the bottle a lot of air. Because the stomach of a newborn is relatively small, it has belching in General, more frequently.

By the way: The sphincterof the esophagus from the stomach and separates, work is often not as good as in an adult. So it often happens that in addition to the air is also a little food or milk to escape. This liquid Regurgitation is usually not a cause for concern.

Mothers and fathers can facilitate your Baby the Burping, take it on the Arm and with the Hand gently from top to bottom over the back to knock.

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