Children’s cancer centre at the Charité hospital is not accepting new patients more

The children’s cancer centre of the Charité hospital in Berlin has stopped the admission of new children cancer patients. Reason is an acute shortage of personnel in the nursing staff, the Board of Directors of the health care at the Charité, Ulrich Frei, the “rbb-info radio reported”. New children with cancer are currently referred to other treatment centers, for example, Berlin-Buch, Cottbus or Hannover.

In the children’s Oncology of the Charité hospital in Berlin ten out of 50 employees are missing, mainly in the care sector. Free insured that the existing staff could back up all the current treatments and chemotherapy. There is no danger for the children there. For other patients, however, there are no resources. The decision for a freeze was not like the people responsible for easily.

Such as the Charité, the “mirror” reported, the Problem was not only on Berlin limited. “All of the University children’s hospitals in the Federal Republic of Germany suffer from the lack of highly specialized nurses. The Charité is affected.”

Ulrich Frei is confident that the bottleneck will be overcome in the Christmas week. To this date, three specialty-care workers return to the children’s Oncology.

The Berliner Charité is the largest University hospitals in Europe. The hospital treated more patients than any other German University hospital. Around 100 clinics and institutes are located at the Charité.

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