China: Coronavirus spreads – 250 proven infections

In China, the number of the with the novel Coronavirus Infected continues to rise. Until Monday the Virus was detected in more than 250 people, the dark figure is according to experts, is likely to be higher. So far, six people have died of the lung disease. In the meantime, it is considered certain that the disease wave took place in the Chinese city of Wuhan the beginning. A Chinese health expert had confirmed on Monday that the Virus transmits from person to person. China have good Surveillance and quarantine systems to control the outbreak, added the scientists. Currently, hundreds of millions of Chinese prepare for the new year, to visit the traditional their families. Many people worry that the disease is spreading, if so many people are traveling. In Beijing and Shanghai, face masks were sold out on Tuesday partially. At several airports, including in Australia, Japan, and Italy now controls for travellers from Wuhan were set up. The Robert-Koch Institute, referred to the danger to Germany by the Coronavirus, but more than low. Only in certain exceptional cases, a contagion from person to person, the scientists. The world health organization has announced that it is to come together on Wednesday for a crisis meeting. There should be decide whether the outbreak qualifies as a health emergency of international proportions.