Cigarettes: a person Who turns themselves, to hear rare Smoking

Smokers who roll their own cigarettes are less motivated to stop Smoking. The reason for this is the lower price of loose tobacco is probably.

A new British study found that only 15.9 percent of the people who turn their own cigarettes want to stop Smoking. People who smoke factory-made cigarettes are motivated, in contrast, stronger: 20.3 percent want to stop Smoking. Cigarette screwdriver had made attempts less Exit. The reason could be the lower costs: While in both groups the same has been smoked, invest the smokers of hand-rolled cigarettes are only about half as much money in their Addiction as consumers of ready-made cigarettes (14,33 pounds in contrast to 26,79 pounds per week).

"The costs are given by smokers regularly as one of the main motives for the Stop. Since the rolling of cigarettes are a cheaper Alternative to factory-made cigarettes, and the consumers of loose tobacco, may be more likely to smoke more, and are less likely to quit," the lead author, Dr. Sarah Jackson from the Institute of epidemiology and public health of University College London says.

In the year 2017, approximately 15.1 percent of the population smoked in the UK. Although the number of smokers is declining overall for years, has increased the consumption of hand-rolled cigarettes. The question about the reasons for this, the researchers initiated their study.