Coronavirus: Drive-In Tester positive draws between the balance sheet

Welcome to a Drive-In in baden-württemberg, the district of Esslingen, where the Coronavirus is being tested. The co-ordinator of two test stations, and the district Director from the order of Malta relief service, Marc lip, moved on Wednesday in Nürtingen in a positive assessment of the current work: “We have carried out in the district of Esslingen, a total of now 6000 testing at two Drive-In stations, one here in Nürtingen, and the other at the fair, above, in Filderstadt, Germany. Overall, we were able to identify over 400 people, the Corona V19 are ill. This is a very, very good result. But if you have time, 6000 people were tested look, in relation to 600, excuse me, 400 that have been identified. This is 0.1 per cent of the inhabitants of the district of Esslingen.” It must, however, be performed much more testing. The Problem, however, is that the labs were now at their limits, said the coordinator Marc lip. The Robert Koch Institute said on Wednesday in Berlin that, in principle, only people are to be tested with symptoms. The beautiful the resources of the laboratories. The two Corona-smear centres in the district of Esslingen were set up to relieve the pressure on hospitals and doctor’s offices, and to reduce the risk of infection, both for the medical staff as well as for the people who want to take a Test.