Coronavirus: Whistleblower doctor from Wuhan died

One of the first people who tried to warn the world of the novel Coronavirus, died on Friday morning in a hospital in Wuhan to the consequences of the disease. Li Ruifeng was a doctor who had been infected with the Virus. The 34-Year-old was examined at the end of December, seven patients with an unknown lung disease, which had all previously been on the local fish market. He and his colleagues were warned by the police not to spread “rumors”. In writing you had to explain that they would do nothing but spread about the outbreak of the disease. Meanwhile, the National health has confirmed to the Ministry, over 600 deaths, more than 30,000 people were infected, it said. In memory of the “Whistleblower”-the doctor, as he is considered by many in the network called, people have bouquets of flowers in front of the entrance of the hospital is stored, in which he had worked. The sympathy of the people, “I deeply regret his death and I find it extremely sad. We need to look at what causes his death. I hope he’s not died in vain.” The Chinese government has already announced plans to send investigators to Wuhan to investigate the death of Ruifeng.