DDR-Sexpapst Prof. Dr. Kurt: a Question of Sex work in the East better

In the GDR you had to deal with sexuality and children get scared. But today? “I am, unfortunately, a big change,” says Kurt Strong. He led from 1972 onwards the Central Institute for youth research in Leipzig.

Earlier, it had been in the East, it is quite normal that young student to pursue the inner self-conscious of their desire and also an unplanned, illegitimate child in the world. “A Baby was not a social risk,” says Strong. Fortunately, had been taken to ensure that mothers found with child of their way in the profession.

“When the Baby was ill, just got the grandma to take care of.” In the case of a hedging, everyone can live relaxed and love. In the year 2019 bicycles instead of children’s wagons in front of universities, work places and cafes. The idea to marry a Couple in love to be spontaneous and to found a family, is out of fashion. Photo: pa/obs rbb/Edition Salzgeber/It is The good level of social security in the GDR made it much easier. And the Sex should have worked in the East even better.

Prof. Dr. Kurt Strong: women in the GDR have maintained a level of professional independence

Someone is 40 years, grandma, sounds absurd now. Prof. Strong: “While children in Germany are not a high value, they fit in practice, but in the curriculum vitae.” Who is going to take as a wife a long study such as medicine, and then for the first time for many years as an assistant doctor in a clinic exploited, could think – if at all – late to the Baby and family happiness.

Here Strong large provides improvement needs. Was lost, so he, but not only the life and love of ease in the East says. The women’s emancipation in the comparatively backward West was also stopped on the track. “There are still many marriages in which the professional activities of the wife ends with the wedding,” says Strong.

The husband is doing a career, while the woman take care of the children. “Is fulfilled the mother role, the Macho, the professionally employed wife for a Younger woman to sit.” Unfortunately, this attitude of many of the celebrities will live. In the GDR, by contrast, women – whether single, married or divorced, have maintained their professional independence.

This article was written by Mike Wilms