Depth Rckenschmerzen: exercise helps

Many think first of the Band­discs, if it is in the lower Rücover hurts. But in not even ten percent of the Fäll these tatsäactually the cause. More than 80 percent of all cross-un&shy pain;specifically, are so not by Schäthe Wirbelsäule or diseases causing.

In most cases, the Interaction of muscles, fascia, Tendons and B&auml instead;change gestört. For example, in the so-called ISG-syndrome. The Iliosakralgelen­ke (ISG) or sacrum-iliac joints (see diagram) connect to both sides of the Wirbelsäule with the pool. You are of muscles and Bächange securely enclosed and therefore almost immobile.

"In the case of a Funktionsstöis there über Reflexbögen tension, entzü- sensitive reactions in the Tendons and Bächange, and thus Schmerzen", Dr. Andreas R&ouml says;mer, chief doctor of the clinic für Physical medicine, Frührehabilitation and geriatric medicine at the Klinikum Schwabing in MüMunich. The symptoms ätats&auml to resemble;the take very to those of a herniated disc: severe unilateral pain on HöHey the Lendenwirbelsäule, the part up to the Gesäß, in the groin or thigh radiating. The complaints köcan Affected vo­rütemporarily completely shut down.

Causes für Rüblock pain: Bad posture and Stress

But what are the causes? Bad posture or improper loading, for example, the on duration to an imbalance in the lower Rücover führen. Lack of exercise, or psychosocial factors such as Stress, dissatisfaction, and Überforderung köthe verst&auml can;Turks. A plömore vulnerable jerk, for example, if you missed out on the stairs, one step, can then ausl&ouml the pain;sen.  

The ISG syndrome, the symptoms occur particularly strong when it turns over in the bed, the shoes binds or stairs. "Häoften verstäthe pain rkt when getting up from a gebückter attitude or läthe increase of Sitzen", Christine Hamilton, physiotherapist and a lecturer in Erlangen says.

Be careful when Gefühlsstöbrackets and Blasenschwäche

Exudes the attack to the Fuß , is a leg geschwächt or gelähmt, kicking Gefühlsstömounts on or is zusäin addition, the bladder or bowel function gestört, the Patient should urgently consult a doctor. The same applies if the symptoms repeat themselves or in connection with chronic diseases, an accident, or an Operation to occur.

All other expert R&ouml recommends;mer, to be self-active: "You take the antidote to the acute pain, true you do not bed rest, but move at a moderate pace. You stretch gently and regelmäßig the muscles in the Gesäß. So you have a good chance to get the problems in the handle." Injection into the joint or other invasive therapies, the risks, such as infections, mountains, köcould Römer, it is often avoided.

Drugs against Rüblock pain:

Ibuprofen, Diclofenac and Naproxen are drugs of choice in acute low back pain. Andreas Römer rät, you fünf up to seven days to take and also Üto make exercises. If you have problems with heart, kidney, or stomach with a pharmacist or doctor. Humidity Wärme or kühle Quark compresses help zusäto relax addition muscles.

Anyway acute cross-complaints sound in many Fäcases, after a few weeks of alone, as statistics show. Their cause is rarely accurately detectable, says physiotherapist Hamilton. Clinical Tests and Röntgenbilder gäben is mostly rather information as a certainty. Patients rät, therefore, is not a diagnosis chasing, but to find answers to the question: "What helps me against the pain?" 

Rüpress complaints: case strap and movement remedy

In the case of the ISG syndrome, perhaps a simple Luggage strap. Hamilton: "Tie these just above the pubic bone, to your pelvis. Then repeat a movement that hurts. After the complaints?" If Yes, köcould Affected the belt in the case presented here Üexercises (see picture gallery). 

In the case of the Ausfücurrency könne in addition, a slight pre-tension of the pelvic floor help. Hamilton: "Drag dafür the urinary tract in the direction of the navel. Draw the abdominal wall gently to the inside, without the Gesäßmuscles squinting or the muscles of the abdomen and back legs. You breathe quietly." 

Long-term patients, but the own inner &quot should;Gurtmuskeln" stästrengths, so Hüftbeuger, deep abdominal and Gesäßmuscles. The physical therapist recommends Fitness and coordination training. "The best way to work with movement!"

These Exercises help in the case of acute back pain:

In the first few days, patients should &shy be;gentle move. With slight Üexercises köyou can relieve discomfort emanating from the sacroiliac joint.

1. Stabilization: On the one side, an elastic exercise band just above the knee to the thigh wrap, ­Bend your legs. Upper leg lift, so tension arises, keep them short. Ömore often, repeat, switch sides.

2. Stabilization: In the Vierfüßlerstand. The Hähands are under shoulders, knees under the Hüshops. The leg the pain Rücover page and the gegenüberlie ing Arm in-line with the Rücover routes. Keep calm and breathe. Page.

3. Mobilization: On the bed or a Bank in the Vierfüßlerstand. ­­Fußjoints üabout the cross and position it so that the knee of the pain is not affected Rücover page üon the edge protrudes. The leg several times lowering and hoisting.