Down pajamas: 7 reasons to sleep naked

The US national Foundation has estimated that one in three Americans sleep naked. And they are right! Tell why you need to try on “the costumes of Adam and eve.”

1. No clothes you sleep better

When we fall asleep our body temperature drops slightly. And warm pajama set keeps you warm and prevents this process. As a result, the sleep becomes restless and intermittent, and in the morning we Wake up broken.

2. The relationship.

Touch to the skin of a loved one releases oxytocin: this hormone creates a romantic mood, the willingness to be faithful. And it triggers the release of endorphins – agree, but very useful in family cases hormone.

3. The body remains clean

Heat and humidity – that’s what love bacteria, fungi and viruses. Pajamas provides them with excellent conditions, especially in the genital area. This increases the chances of catching some nasty infection.

And elevated temperature degrades the quality of sperm. Therefore, researchers recommend that men who want to become fathers, sleep without panties.

For this reason, it is better not to wear tight underwear: the temperature of the testicles in the norm should be 2-3 degrees below body temperature. Tell everything in detail in the article “Boxers vs trunks: what kind of underwear will help you to conceive a child”.

4. The figure becomes better.

causes our body to accumulate fat, but quality sleep it removes. And it increases the production of growth hormone – growth hormone. Growth hormone burns fat – so rested people are usually slimmer.

5. The skin becomes more beautiful

Sound sleep slows down the aging of the skin and stimulates the production of “restorative” hormones. And sleep in excessive heat can’t be healthy, since frequently interrupted.

Besides, tight clothing can cause irritation and rashes – and it will spoil the look of even the most young and tender skin.

6. Reduces the chance of developing diabetes

Study of Swedish scientists showed that sleep in the coolness improves the metabolism and reduces the level of sugar in the blood.

7. Save money

How much is a good pajamas? And how many do we snative in your whole life? Imagine how much money could be saved and spend it on really useful things.