Face not with the Hand touching you healthy through the Winter – a doctor gives tips

Professor Scherer, is it in the Winter in trains and buses actually automatically get sick because around constantly someone sniffles or coughs?

Of course, there is a higher risk then. Public transport play in the case of viral infections an important role. But also at every other gathering of people, you can’t Dodge, you should be careful. For protection, it is particularly focused on the Hygiene of the hands.

So: wash thoroughly when you get back home?

Exactly, but you must also make the correct, most are not aware of: First, the hands hold under running water, then around the soap and at least 20 to 30 seconds, using light pressure, RUB. Rinse and carefully dry with a towel, the other to use. Disinfect is of course also useful.

Science explains quickly

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I can’t get everyone to keep to such rules. And in spite of all the Hygiene of a running nose, on-the-go changes. What then?

You should not distribute, especially to the pathogen and, therefore, not the face with the Hand touching. Because that’s how viruses can get on the Hand and from there to the next handle in the Bus. Conversely, it does not apply, however, to carry pathogens that may be already on Hand, the own respiratory system.

A flu vaccination would not be necessary?

Yes, for certain groups, so, for example, for all over 60 years of age, people with chronic diseases such as Asthma and even for Pregnant women from the second third. But Influenza viruses, which can trigger a “real” flu, not the only Problem. Against many rhinoviruses, for example, for colds responsible, there is no vaccination. Since only the above-mentioned hygiene measures help to prevent ultimately.

Cold time starts

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Can we at least do something to make our immune system for the Winter?

Of course. Our defence forces it helps to all times of the year, if we keep ourselves fit, eating healthily and enough to move. This must be At no competitive sports, winter walks and regular-the-fresh-air-Go very much.

Indoors makes many dry heating air.

Exactly. That is why it is important to ventilate. Adequate sleep and Stress reduction, complete the preventive program.

And vitamin preparations and other dietary supplements?

It does not need.

Expert Interview: Prof. Dr. Martin Scherer is Director of the Institute for General medicine at the University hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) and the President of the German society for General and family medicine (Degam).

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