Fascia: workout for the connective tissue

Fascia, never heard of it? Then it is time. Fascial training the role is extremely fashionable. It aims at a long-neglected part of our body: the connective tissue.

The connective tissue, it has not been easy. Either it is ignored completely or it is uncomfortable – if unsightly stretch marks or Cellulite sign off on the body. But in the meantime, a true Hype around the so-called fascia is created. The fascia roller, is a device for self-massage of the soft tissue, so the muscles and enveloping fascia. If you previously had to go to a physiotherapist or massage therapist to the muscles, letting it knead and loosen the fascial role helps now.

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The Training with the fascia’s role is to not only help against chronic pain, but the body is also firmer, smoother and more powerful. So it is that health-conscious Hollywood swear by Stars such as Gwyneth Paltrow on this particular Workout. Studies show that a healthy connective tissue network may additionally increase the performance. “With an elastic fascial network consumes less energy in movement,” explains Markus Roßmann.

What is fascia?

As the fascia scientists refer to the fibrous connective tissue in the body. It surrounds bones, muscles and organs. Like a spider’s web to the fixed and elastic fibers run through the body. They support us in every movement, pass on information and contribute to the perception of the body.

But you can also be the cause of pain and other health problems. Fascia can be matted, thin and brittle, if they are to be charged a little. The biologist Robert Schleip, who directs the University of Ulm fascia research group. But also to a lot of sports can be harmful. Fascia training with the role that the load is correctly dosed, to remedy the situation.

Zumba, Yoga, Pilates? That was yesterday. The new Fitness-fantasy of the feel-good the body is called fascia training. The Trend is to make even ten years younger, and dings wegbügeln. Five fascial facts in FOCUS-Online-Check –

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Supposedly you have to do only a little, in order to maintain its fascia, says Schleip. Twice a week five minutes of the resilient movements, two weeks later, maybe seven minutes. After three months you still see no change. But after half a year everyone will be amazed at the grip of the thigh or the back of the new clamping force, predicts the expert.

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