Free and anonymous: The help phone violence against women

Every third EU citizen between 15 and 74 years are at, physically, or sexually harassed her to be. According to a 2014 study published by the European Union Agency for fundamental rights.

However, only a fraction of the Attacks will be brought to the display. Often plays the violence here, in the own four walls from. Many women are ashamed to tell others about the incidents, or they are afraid of possible new violence.

The help phone ‘violence against women’ can be Concerned the way out of the victim role is easier. On help phone counsellors trained to sit specially on the inside. You don’t just listen – they provide, on request, contacts with local advice and help offered.

The help phone “violence against women” can be reached under the number 08000 116 016, and 24 hours of the day and any day of the week. Any Form of counselling is confidential, anonymous and free of charge.

Also, women who do not speak the German language, can apply to the consultant. For foreign citizens an interpreter for 15 different languages are available.

In addition to the telephone assistance offers in addition, an Online consultation to. Via Chat or E-Mail form, interested parties can contact the experts in contact. So, for example, can also take the hearing impaired, the help.

By the way: The offer is directed not only to women directly affected by violence or threatened. Also for relatives or near persons can inform themselves here and seek advice. Professionals who have questions on the topic are also welcome.

Also, if the call costs to Overcome: The help phone can be a first step out of the violence! Do not hesitate to take the offer, if you feel in need of support. Sometimes, it brings relief, if at the end of the line someone sits, listening to just – or your request for you get help.


Online information of the German Federal Agency for family and civilian-social tasks: (retrieval date: 26.11.2019)

The European Union Agency for fundamental rights: violence against women: an EU-wide survey. Office for official publications, Luxembourg, 2014

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