How Fake News can expose and how to deal with them

Many people are confused by the corona crisis. The Situation provides a breeding ground for false news, which blank information about the Virus and the disease spreads. Such Fake-News can be dangerous. Some tips to Detect Fake News and the handling of it:

What Fake News?

Through the conscious and unconscious dissemination of Fake News messages, in any Form, to spread false. They often circulate in social media or Messenger services. For example, a voice message via Whatsapp, in the alleged findings of the University of Vienna have been explained, and by Taking certain painkillers have been advised not to spread shortly after the outbreak of the Coronavirus. The Medical University denied the information from the message, then sharp and described it as a Fake-News – but at the time the voice message has been countless times shared.

Corona-Wrong Messages

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How can the false messages recognize?

The Association of Germany secure in the network appeals to the senses: “sense switch”, warns the Association’s Director Michael Littger. If a statement looks strange, or extremely funny, be in doubt as to the seriousness attached to it.

In the case of Fake News, the information was often vague and incomplete, explains the Association. For example, important Details such as the source, names and places are missing, therefore, often, and it is avoided in formulations such as “a doctor”. Also the question of who could benefit from a message is worth the recommendations of the Association, according to a one-sided message, it may also be lobbying.

"Fake or No Fake"

Corona-Rush? Video to show hoarding – but the truth is quite banal

How to deal with wrong information about the Coronavirus?

In the case of suspected Fake News appropriate messages should be forwarded or otherwise disseminated. Incorrect health information can be extremely dangerous.

In addition, there are services such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the opportunity to report content. These will then be deleted if necessary. In addition, the Association advises to make people or institutions when they are part of a hoax – as in the case of the Vienna University hospital.

Where there are serious information?

Especially in a supposedly exclusive messages from social networks or niche portals, in principle, caution, warns the Association. “The real messages are, however, taken up mostly from reputable news portals,” explains Littger. It is, therefore, to seek safer, well-known and reputable media and to check whether these reports about the subject.

But authorities currently publish online on a regular basis the most recent state of knowledge of the corona of a crisis. Reputable sources, local health departments, the Robert Koch Institute, the Federal Ministry of health and the world health organization, WHO, are, for example.

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