If gallstones need to get out, is operating in nine out of ten cases, minimally invasive

Gallstones have a lot of people, but not everyone noticed it. Away you should be, if you are preparing complaints. 200,000 Germans must, therefore, leave each year, your gallbladder removal. The procedure is now straightforward.

“The bile runs him over” or “The bile you high”: there is Hardly an Organ that is so often associated with negative emotions, such as the bile. It has a very important function: their thick Secretion, ensuring a smooth process of digestion of fats.

“About half a litre of Bile is produced in the liver per day”. The Prof. Frank Lammert, from the University hospital of the Saarland in Homburg says. The bile consists mostly of water, but also from cholesterol, lime and pigments. The substances fallen into an imbalance, to form crystals. It gallstones.

Most gallstones never felt

“Gallstones are mainly made of cholesterol,” explains Lammert who is also President of the German society for gastroenterology, digestive and metabolic diseases (DGVS). Not always gallstones for symptoms. “Around 75 per cent of the Affected to remember nothing,” said the doctor. But that can change quickly. Dangerous little stones are when they are flushed into the bile duct and hang in there.

“In the bile duct with stuck stones inflammation of the gall bladder and the pancreas can cause,” says Lammert. If not treated, severe damage to the liver, blood, addiction, poisoning, or yellow-threatening.

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Obesity and lack of exercise conducive to stone formation of gallstones. Who decreases first rapidly and then re-gaining, also runs the risk that gallstones will form. Women are more affected than men. “About 25 percent of all people with gallstones are hereditary preloaded,” says Lammert.

In the case of pain, colic, a gall is a SURGERY advisable

Noticeable gallstones by pain in the upper abdomen, bloating, or Nausea. The symptoms often occur after a heavy meal. Or of The gastro-intestinal tract reacts to certain foods. Often the are coffee, fried foods, legumes or onion.

Very painful it is, when it comes to a meal to a biliary colic: violent and decongestant pain in the right upper abdomen radiating to the back and the right shoulder, and hour-long stop.

Colic is most often caused by a stone that has slipped into the bile duct, The gallbladder does not empty correctly and shrinks again and again in order to create the obstacle out of the way.

The symptoms occur more often need to be removed the stones. They can be crushed with shock waves. However, often new gallstones form after that. Also, drugs help sometimes. Most often, the stone collection is removed along with the gall bladder. This is done in Germany, at least 200,000 Times every year.

Endoscopic gallbladder SURGERY is now Standard

Over 90 percent of the gallbladder is a minimal is away invasive. Professor Georg Kähler, head of the centre for interdisciplinary endoscopy, University hospital Mannheim, says: “The removal of the gallbladder, the parade discipline of minimally invasive surgery. It was the first intervention, at the time of the alternative technology has become the Standard.“

In this classic minimally invasive surgery in the abdomen (laparoscopy) are three to four rigid sleeves, the so-called trocars, through small incisions in the abdominal wall to the surgical site pushed. The instruments, such as forceps, Laser, or electric scissors. The cutting instruments occluding the immediately blood vessels. One of the tubes contains the optics: high-magnification Mini-camera with a bright LED light. What she picks up, the operation team on the high-resolution Monitor. The surgeon moves the instruments with handles at the outer end of the trocars. The endoscope supports the assistance. For optimum visibility and freedom of movement of the trocars, the abdominal cavity is the beginning of the OP with carbon dioxide inflated.

After the SURGERY the Patient is fit again very soon

The gallbladder is placed, Millimeter by Millimeter, and then like a limp balloon together with the stones through one of the trocars are brought out. Most surgeons use a so-called mountain bag. The small cuts are quickly sewn, glued and obligations astert. Later you will be hardly visible. Usually the Patient can leave the hospital after a few days. Professor Kähler says: “With the method we are able to operate in old patients, we would not have ventured earlier.”

The great scalpel-incision through the abdominal wall is now only rarely necessary, for example, when adhesions or scars in the surgical area due to a previous engagement present this confusing. This restriction is disregarded, it can lead to complications.

Not missing the lack of a gall bladder from the body by the way: The Bile just flows directly from the liver into the intestine. The digestive system adapts to the new conditions quickly.