If women drink: A spotlight on a disease that often in the dark plays

15 years of the life of Jacqueline debt was determined. Foreign is determined by alcohol. Up to five, six bottles of wine drank, the occupational therapist on the day. She tipped the alcohol like water. He tasted her, not once. The empty bottles they threw in a glass container. As the amounts were too large to rose to wine from Tetra packs. Because the will not be noticed so. Not so loud clanks. A constant game of hide and seek. That you is addicted, did not want to admit to Jacqueline for many years.

When the bomb bursts, are surprised by some of the friends and relatives of alcohol and sick? Jacqueline? On the outside she leads a perfect life: she has a fulfilling Job, is happily married, has two children, a grandson, and lives on the holiday island of Usedom.

You often feel alone when your husband works 14 days on a production platform, sees hardly anyone. That the loneliness will be even worse, as the adult children move out, too. Solace she seeks in alcohol. Drink reasons, there are many: “to forget, to not be able to sleep, to feel alone,” she says, looking back.

Alcohol addiction is often regarded as a men’s disease. However, women have pulled almost the same. According to the drug and addiction report of the Federal government, 18 percent of men drink in Germany, so much so that its consumption is considered risky. In the case of the women it is 14 percent. Many of them, the consumer is not to be noted: unlike the men who drink in Public, grabbing women rather secretly to the bottle, if you are alone. 1.8 million people in Germany are considered to be chronically dependent. According to statistics, an alcoholic woman comes to two alcoholic men.

The loneliness drown

The film-maker Walter the war, has accompanied two of them for the documentary series “37 Grad”. In quiet pictures, he reported from the everyday life of women and their fight against the Addiction. The fate of Jacqueline (49) and Claudia (51) is representative of the hundreds of thousands of women in Germany, and brings on a disease, which happens often in the dark.

Claudia in front of the intake interview with the head physician in the addiction clinic: it Creates this Time of the deprivation?

Also, Claudia has been drinking for a long time. The 51-Year-old has a number of Removals behind. But when she thinks of the drug to break the habit, take their lives take an unexpected turn. Within a year, your sister and your mother die. Your grief, it dampens with Prosecco. The alcohol, she says, is like a kind of “drug”.

How could it come so far?

She is also working previously as a Marketing Director in the fashion industry. Your life travel consists of business Lunches, Galas, and service. But behind the closed door of the hotel you get a bit lonely. To the feeling, and grips you to the bottle. A social environment, the fields, didn’t you. Claudia has hardly any friends. Also she is not married. She wishes not to see close and realizes that it is pushing through the alcohol further and further into Isolation. Seven years ago, she gives up her Job. The Addiction forces you to.

Also, Jacqueline’s life threatens to break temporarily due to the disease. Her husband and her daughter want to help her, but Jacqueline pushes both of them in front of the head. “I didn’t want it and it eventually annoyed,” she says. “Then the door slammed and I was gone.”

The alcohol divides the family

By the behavior of the mother of the family is From. Her husband threatens to leave you. The daughter hardly even comes to visit and is injured, that you omitted, not even the grandchildren for the sake of Drinking. “The bad Conscience afterwards came,” says Jacqueline. “Addiction takes up so much space in the life that is all about about. And then everything else doesn’t matter and will disappear.”

When your boss threatens to finally notice, she finally help. It applies to the Social and welfare Association, people’s solidarity. In a self-help group with which it exchanges information with other Concerned and will be dry. For the past three years, she has not touched any alcohol.

Easy this is not. The lure of the Addiction are everywhere: Jacqueline needs to watch what she eats and what she drinks. Even any dispute and each of the cleaning agents, the smells of alcohol, could provoke a relapse. But for the Moment Jacqueline has the upper hand. It is a fragile peace.

“My silent friend”, it creates this Fragility to capture, building a closeness that resonates for a long time. Much more important is the message which grows out of this closeness, however, is Not to turn a blind eye when friends or family members in need of help. And for self-help to demand, when you need them.

“My quiet friend – When women drink” runs tonight at 22.15 clock in the ZDF. The consequence of it is already in the ZDF Mediathek. Click here to see the show.