Is hair soap a meaningful or meaningless Alternative to Shampoo?

Body thousands of soap for the daily Hygiene used hair soap is just a new Trend. This is due to the increasing awareness of many people in terms of sustainability. Because the fact is that conventional Shampoos are producing tons of plastic waste: on average, we consume 787 bottles of Shampoo in our lives. In addition, most of the products contain synthetic surfactants, preservatives and silicones – so ingredients that are unhealthy and on top of that also the skin of the head attack and can dry out. In an ordinary industry, can be contain soap also health substances of concern, therefore, is not suitable to wash the hair. Soaps for the hair, however, have significantly less oils and fats such as glycerol or palm oil, so your hair feel after Washing it greasy. And that’s not the only advantage, the hair soap offers.

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What is hair soap made of?

In contrast to ordinary soap hair soap is as “low,” declared rich mixture, which, translated, means: it contains no more than three to five per cent, pure fat. Instead, vegetable oils have a foam-promoting effect make up the majority (about 40 percent) – such as for example coconut oil. In much lower dosage, however, are castor oil, olive oil or avocado oil, they typically make up only ten percent of a hair soap. While Aloe vera, almond oil and grape seed oil nourish the scalp with moisture to maintain other ingredients, such as Shea and cocoa butter or Babassu hair. All in all, each hair contains soap, only natural ingredients and no synthetic.

What are the advantages of hair soap provides?

That hair, no preservatives or parabens, silicones or surfactants are soap, is in any case a big plus point. The Same is true for quasi-non-existent packaging and the tons of plastic waste can save. But this is not yet everything it has to offer, a hair soap: For one, it is much more productive than a conventional Shampoo, this keeps up much longer – which also justifies soap the higher price for a piece. On the other hand, the ingredients of the head are of benefit to skin as they promote the natural environment and thus, the own fat. For this reason, hair soap is also very mild.

For wen hair soap is suitable?

Due to the mild ingredients in hair is soap – all belief, in Spite of – for all skin types. Important for you to know is that you should nevertheless, choose a product that is tailored to your specific requirements. Say: If you are prone to greasy hair, you need a hair soap with less Oil. Their hair often feel very dry, you need a hair soap with a higher over-enrichment degree. In both cases, there is a small selection of matching products for each skin type, so that in any case also for you something. Regardless of which Shampoo have you used in the run-up already.

What hair recommended soap?

As already mentioned, the fat content is an important indication of the correct hair care for hair soap. If you so-to-dry head skin tend to be possibly even psoriasis or eczema suffering, we recommend you care to eat of Aleppo with 60% olive oil and 40% Laurel oil. It is highly moisturizing and for dry hair is ideal. The Same is true for Asavo, a natural soap made from olive oil and cold-pressed coconut or castor oil with ten percent over-enrichment. It has also been developed for sensitive and dry skin types, but can also be used for all other skin types easily. If you have oily skin or blemishes to suffer is the hair soap Dudu-Osun from Nigeria for you – it consists of palm kernel oil, the ash of burned cocoa bean pods, and Shea butter.

How to apply hair soap correctly?

The hardness of the water plays when you Wash with hair soap an important role

Before you soap Hair applying first Time, you should test the hardness of the water. The calcareous and harder it is, the more difficult the hair care. This is sometimes the fact that the compound of water, lime and soap small white flakes, the so-called lime soap, and on the scalp ensuring that your hair is rough to the touch. The softer lime and the poorer the water is, the better the hair you can apply soap. To work around this Problem, firstly, by a shower head with water filter use: filtering the lime from the water so that no soap flakes on their scalp form. On the other, you can maintain your hair after Washing with an acidic Rinse from Apple cider vinegar – this does not need to be washed out. How this works in Detail, you can find here.

For more tips you should keep in mind when you Wash with hair soap:

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