Lady shaver in product test: This model with 2-Euro-blade cuts best

With the spring temperatures, the number of naked legs and the pressure on the ladies to keep you hair – free is increasing. But what makes a good ladies razor? Stiftung Warentest had 20 models from 50 women of all ages check. In addition to the legs, the shave was measured at the armpits and the bikini zone. The pleasing result: The vast majority of razors are good, total failures, there were none.

Particularly, the system could shaver convince with interchangeable blade in the Test. Although performed also in the case of disposable razors, three “good”, the best of these models, but was able to keep up just with the worst exchange shaver. This is due to the fact that the system adjust the razor with its flexible vibrating heads better to the curves of the legs, so the test were. Another Plus of the System-models: There is simply less waste. Finally, of the complete razor in the trash can ends up not always.

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The best blade costs two euros

The first space is equal to six models with the overall grade “good” (1.6) is shared. The best shave with the Gillette Venus Smooth. As the only model in the Test, he shaved a “very good”, even to the point of conservation of the Skin and the handling, it is not bombed. The price for the shaver according to the test at about 5,45 Euro, a four-pack of Blades there are for 7.85 euros. A blade costs about Euro 1.96.

The cheap test winner from discounters are not, unfortunately, get to. The identical models of Aldi Nord, Aldi Süd and Rossmann have come to the same overall grade as Gillette, are a sound price of 1.50 euros but noticeably cheaper. All the more annoying that the manufacturer specifies, according to the test, just for a change – not yet tested model to deliver.

Disposable is also

Who shaves with a disposable model, you should take a look at the Isama women’s disposable razors from Rossmann. He is) in all the points in the standings close to the test winners, the overall grade “good” (1.8. The price is the blade with 75 cents per shaver is significantly below the replacement. However, the waste increases.

Shaving with men’s razors do not want to demonize Stiftung Warentest, by the way. The ladies adapted the razor a better to the body’s contours. If, however, the slightly higher weight and the angular construction of the gentlemen of the system models is preferred, to do the service. The disposable razors were already without gender differences, virtually identical in construction. An often-cited Women’s deal, in which the woman models are more expensive than those for men, do not want to have found the Tester, by the way.

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