Lauren Ramoser lives without sense of smell – it is so

Mrs. Ramoser, a life without the sense of smell is for many people hard to imagine. When have you noticed that you can’t smell anything?

I was already a Teenager, 13 or 14. For me personally it is not noticed, but my chemistry teacher. We have taken in the teaching of acids by, and all passed the experiment a step back. And I took a step closer, because I didn’t notice anything. My teacher then called after an hour my mother and said: ‘With Lauren, something is not right.’

Have you had prior to this never a suspicion?

No, my parents and I had on the screen. Of course you can see after such a diagnosis, many of the situations in a different light. And since it is innate, I never had a comparison, and did not know, that to me is actually a sense of lack.

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What happened after the phone call from the teacher?

We went to the ENT doctor, and I have made a Test. A physician assistant gave me Sticks under the nose, the smells absonderten. You have reminded me then, with the text marker. ‘Just tell me what you smell’, said the assistant. I didn’t smell anything – in any single sample. She was then quite annoyed, and said she had to write something down. At the next rehearsal, I said simply: ‘This smells fresher.’ Probably it was only the draught of the movement that I have felt, as you held it under my nose. There are some MRI examinations followed. And at the end of the diagnosis: I have no olfactory bulb. This Organ is located behind the nose and spread information about odors in the corresponding areas in the brain. It is essential for the sense of smell.

How is this noticeable in everyday life?

You would not have said to me: ‘smell is’, I would have noticed the probably never. In everyday life, the power in very specific situations noticeable: I don’t know, for example, whether I’ve developed a body odor. Thus, I put on all my clothes only once and wash a lot of wrong things. For food, I have to be very careful, because I can’t check if certain things are already spoiled.

Speaking of food: It is often said that the senses of taste and smell are closely linked. You can taste “normal”?

My sense of taste functions, but is compromised by the lack of sense of smell. I’m not a fancy eater. I eat what needs to be eaten because I’ve bought. And I spice flavours with Reason: for example I like salty food, but this is not really healthy. Also sharp, I like to eat, but this is in the sense no taste at all, but rather a sort of perception of pain. As for spices, I have learned much by heart, for example, that Oregano in the tomato sauce. When I cook for other people, is the Feedback always positive. But clearly, it’s to spice. For myself, I use spices barely.

Your Favorite Food?

Toasted whole grain bread with Avocado cream, sea salt and coarse ground pepper. I like to eat after consistency, less after taste. I like when different textures in the mouth come together. I bake too much bread, and imagine that it must smell very good.

There are comments about her lack of sense, bother you?

Most people say: ‘But your sense of taste, which is normal, is it?’ Many people actually thought. In acute situations, I hear sometimes: ‘Now You can be happy that You smell nothing.’ I know, that’s a nice thought. But I wonder: Would you also say that to someone who is blind? Be glad You don’t have to have this or that just see? Me a sense of Yes, sense is missing. The sense of smell is also a warning system. I don’t think it’s an advantage not to have him.

What do you think – why tell people something?

I think it is an attempt to take the topic Serious. Many in the topic simply unsafe. Earlier I nodded then often only. Today I say also, that I find the sentence difficult.

There are smells that you can imagine?

No, I smell nothing, really. Sometimes I have moments little sentimental when I’m alone. Then I keep my nose in the coffee can and breathe deep. On the back of the tongue, a little taste of coffee then, and then I think to myself: Maybe to Smell so feels. But, ultimately, I don’t know. My mother always said you could recognize me from the Thousands of children by the smell. Should I one day have children of my own, I’m going to can this experience not make. I’ll also never know how my Partner smells. Not for nothing they say: You can smell good. It makes me sad sometimes.

You have brought out a Podcast – “life without sense”. In it, you talk with people, which other senses are missing: you can’t taste it, can not hear or not feel pain. Why have you chosen this project?

I wish that people deal more with the topic, and, perhaps, also to Affected put: What does it mean in everyday life, nothing to hear, nothing to see? In a sense, on the other hand, a lot more than you would expect in the first Moment. I also learned a lot about other senses that I have and I actually, little thoughts have made.

The first two episodes of the podcast, you can listen to here:

For Example?

Before the Podcast project, I could imagine, for example, my sense of taste against sense of smell in exchange. After talking with an Affected I think about it differently.

What do you value: Is it in society with a basic understanding for people who are missing is a sense?

I think it all depends. For the deaf or blind people, there are certainly a larger Public and that is a good thing. Unlike in people, where you don’t make it obvious at first glance is that you have a sense of restriction: people with no taste and sense of smell, for example, but also those that have feel no pain. It makes a big difference in the public perception, if you look at people, their fate – and fate is not meant in this context to be negative.

There is a smell that you would particularly like to meet?

Yes, I think I even smell a Favorite.

How the?

Beate, one of the blind protagonists of the podcast told me that she has color a favorite: Red. Why Red, I asked you. And she said: Because your associations like Red stands for love, for warmth. I thought to myself that I can have a favorite smell: a forest after a summer rain, when the moisture hangs in the air and the sun is shining through the treetops. I don’t know if that affects the smell, but I imagine it would be very nice. I like this Scene love to.

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