Luxury liner Westerdam may finally dock – Aida-ship’s in danger of a similar Odyssey

After a days-long Odyssey through Asian waters, the country came for the 2300 people on Board the “Westerdam” on Thursday literally in sight: The cruise ship was not allowed to start because of the concern that the introduction of the Coronavirus Covid-19, a number of Asian ports, has arrived in Cambodia. In the evening (local time) to put the from Hong Kong coming, the ship in Sihanoukville, as the port Director Lou Kimchhun confirmed. Among the passengers on Board the “Westerdam”, according to the shipping company Holland America Line, 57 German.

The total of around 1,500 guests and 800 crew members, however, could not go to immediately on-Board. You would only be medically examined, said the Director of the Port. Who have symptoms such as fever, will be tested on Covid-19. So far there are 20 such suspicious cases, said the police chief of Sihanoukville, “the Khmer Times”.

“Westerdam”-passengers apparently good things

The guests would be brought in the next few days in the capital Phnom Penh, and from there the trip home, it was called by the shipping company. The Holland America Line have been organising the flights and refunded the cost of the cruise. It was the Cambodian authorities are “extremely grateful” for their support. Most recently Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, the Philippines and Guam, the “Westerdam had refused” to enter into its ports.

Coronavirus on "Diamond Princess"

"Very, very, very onerous Situation": Expert describes potential consequences for quarantine passengers

As it goes for the Germans after the journey home more, it is not yet clear. Employees of embassies, including the German representative in Cambodia on the spot.

The “Westerdam” was on 1. February in Hong Kong started and should 15 original the. February in the Yokohama, Japan finish. There is another cruise ship “Diamond Princess is currently” under quarantine. At 218 its around 3600 passengers and Crew members to infection with Covid-19 had been proven to Thursday. All the victims were taken to hospitals, some of them are seriously ill. The rest of the people on Board 19 according to the current state, at least of the. February we stay on the ship.

On Board the “Westerdam” were the passengers about the foreseeable end of the trip, to see how social media was. The cereal on the buffet, it will be assumed, but the passengers were good things, wrote the American Christina Kerby at Twitter. Lorraine Oliveira, tourist from England, told the German press Agency, on Board there had been medical care, in addition, increased Hygiene and cleaning measures. Since the 4. February, you and your family were not in the country.

Cambodia can now look forward to a lot of praise. The head of the world health organization (WHO), Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who thanked him via Twitter in the country, and Prime Minister Hun Sen. It is a welcome act of solidarity in a time in which the world still have a Chance to stop the Virus, as well as to avoid stigmatization and anxiety.

Hundreds of German on “Aidavita” threatens Similar

Meanwhile, could be in the offing already to the next Odyssey of a cruise ship: The “Aidavita” in the Rostock shipping company Aida Cruises was not able to call at the Vietnamese port town of Cai Lan in Halong Bay. The local tourism authority had passengers and crew allowed to go ashore, was informed by an employee of the authority. On the “Aidavita” according to the information of the shipping company, around 1100, mostly from Germany coming, the passengers and 400 Crew members.

The ship had recently arrived from the Philippines and I have previously driven any Chinese port, said a spokesperson for Aida Cruises, the German press Agency in Rostock, Germany. “On Board the “Aidavita” there is neither suspected nor confirmed Coronavirus diseases.” Next Stop, the “Aidavita” should now be the Thai port of Laem Chabang for Bangkok.

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