Many get neither a diagnosis nor treatment – as a resident describes life in Wuhan

If Ao Five is ill with the Coronavirus, he does not know. “I will show symptoms such as pneumonia, but I count not officially a statistic,” says the 33-year-old PR consultant from Wuhan on the phone. It was about two weeks ago, as Ao and his mother went to a hospital, where the Coronavirus test. The hospital was already overcrowded, so-called NAA Tests (Nucleic Acid Amplification Test), there was. A CT scan showed a lung inflammation. So the two went with a couple of drugs back home, and put themselves under Self-quarantine.


The doctor warned of a Coronavirus and was Silenced. Now he died of the Virus

More than 1300 people in China have died of the Coronavirus. About 59,000 are considered to be infected. To do this, around 20,000 suspected of again cases. Although the official number of new infections is slowly decreasing per day is about 2000 to 3000 are added. An end to the epidemic but is not yet in sight. At least, that believes one of the medical Top adviser to the government in Beijing, the Epidemologe Zhong Nanshan. “The summit might be the middle of, probably the end of the month achieved,” he says on Tuesday the Reuters news Agency. “From there, the infections are likely to form a Plateau and slowly flatten out.”

The number of Coronavirus patients are likely to be higher

But how consistent are the Figures of the Chinese government? Beijing is not just in reputation, to publish correct Figures. If you believe the Reports from Wuhan, is expected to be the number of Infected is much higher. Because, as Ao many, it seems to go in Wuhan: In the official statistics do not appear. “A lot of people get no diagnosis, let alone treatment,” he says frantically on the phone. “The hospitals are hopelessly overcrowded. A lot of people who are worse off than us, were not accepted at all.” Other Wuhaner reports of unique symptoms, such as inflammation of both lungs; nevertheless, the Test was negative.

Now the Chinese government seems to deal with the infections. On Thursday, the authorities have exploded in called numbers Infection: Thus there is now 14.840 proven infections and more. On the day prior to death were reported in Hubei 97 victims and 1638 new infections. As the health Commission of the province of Hubei told, had been revised, the diagnostic results according to an investigation by””. Patients had been added to the new classification. Accordingly, cases would be included since Thursday “clinical diagnoses” in the number of confirmed diagnoses.

"Diamond Princess" under quarantine

Because Coronavirus is stranded: a couple of wine by drone to the ship, deliver

Also Aos father was officially tested positive. He is currently in a hospital, while Ao and his mother remain at home. “We have covers, as it started, with a lot of food in. Now we cook at home. Sometimes friends of fresh vegetables and fruit to send us. In the vicinity there is a supermarket, but we’ll go there only if it is absolutely necessary.” Much of it is out of print and sold out, in the case of certain goods, such as hand sanitisers, the prices had multiplied.

To return to the migrant workers?

Wuhan, a city of eleven million inhabitants, cut off for nearly two weeks, from the outside world. In the meantime, but has extended the Travel ban on about a dozen Chinese cities. The economic damage is growing. The outbreak of the Virus hit the country for the worst possible time. In the spring, some 300 million migrant workers leave the cities of the East coast to visit their families in the provinces. Still, most of them in their home villages, far from the jobs. Beijing wants to keep the economic damage to a minimum, you must return to the workers. This is likely to lead to a probability of a new rapid increase in new infections. Before the quarantine of the city on the 23. January began, have already had five million potentially Infected to leave the city.

After Shanghai and Beijing, the first migrant workers have now returned. At the entrances of many of the Compounds QR-Codes hang. The returnees a scan of this to report it to the police. For the next 14 days, you are under quarantine. However, it is slowly also clear that the incubation period of the Virus is probably more than 14, maybe up to 24 days. The Chinese government is playing a: If Infected at work, colleagues infected, threatening a new wave of infections.

Doctors warned early on

It is now clear that two other Doctors had already warned early against the unknown Virus. The authorities threatened them penalties for “spreading rumors”, you should make this more public. In Chinese network death of the young doctor Li Ruifeng had created a stir. He had warned one of the first in front of the Coronavirus, and had been brought by the authorities to Silence. He died last Friday at the Virus.

Ao and his mother has no choice than to wait. “For us, it’s better, but we will need to be examined to know for sure.” The location in the city, but it is incredibly depressing.

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