More than 1,000 prisoners are infected with Coronavirus rages in a Texas prison

Always there, where many people come together in a confined space, seems to be the Coronavirus to have an easy game – this is a Corona-the outbreak of the shows in the Federal prison in Seagoville, Texas, is impressive. As the channel “NBC” reported to have been infected 1072 1798 inmates of the correctional institution in North Texas with the Coronavirus. Ten members of staff had a positive effect on the pathogens tested.

Drug from the USA

Experimental Corona vaccine is promising, but three questions are still open

According to the “NBC” is at least died an inmate of the consequences of the infection. It was a 65-Year-olds who have done pass in penal, a 14-year prison sentence prison for money laundering and drugs. The man had already been at the end of June a positive effect on the Virus tested. Because he had developed Breathing problems, he had been two days later in a hospital. There he died despite medical treatment last Thursday. According to the prison the man had several pre-existing conditions.

Coronavirus is prisons to be a Problem in the US

The criminal in Seagoville, the current most of a Corona outbreak affected a Federal prison institution in the United States. The passengers had complained to friends and Relatives about the conditions in the prison, reported, “NBS”. Accordingly, it should be a problem with the air conditioning. Since March, the prisoner should also be allowed to only mainly in their Numbers, to stop.

According to the U.S. Department of justice, more than 9000 inmates of US have not yet been tested in prisons a positive effect on the Virus. Overall, the country had died far 97 inmates and a staff of guards at Covid-19. The authority publishes information on the individual prisons on a dedicated page.

Texas is currently one of the most from Coronavirus-affected States in the United States. The number of confirmed infection cases climbed now over the 300,000 mark. Similarly high Figures, only three other States: California, Florida and New York reported so far.

Source: NBC

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