My futile struggle for a Corona Test

“It is serious. You have to take it seriously.” These haunting phrases, Angela Merkel, addresses to the Nation. An appeal to the good sense of the people in Germany, to adhere to the drastic measures to curb the Coronavirus.

The mere fact that the Chancellor speaks directly to the people, makes it clear: The situation is indeed serious. If the Robert-Koch Institute, in front of up to tens of millions of Corona warns Sufferers, is clear: It can be bad. But how it looks, if the Individual is taking the situation seriously, by the authorities, however, is ignored?

This is the experience I had in the past few days, even. Five days long I’m fighting now to be able to a Corona Test. So far, in vain.

Mountain idyll for the risk area

On Monday, the first symptoms: slightly raised temperature were scratching, the Neck. A simple cold, I got well again in my gym, where there is often a cold train, I thought. In the evening, cough, headache, and Nausea were added. But everything would still be half wild – I would not have been just a week earlier, in the Tyrol, in the holiday.

Ski resort in Tyrol

As the Après-Ski Mecca of Ischgl to a Coronavirus-the Hotspot for half of Europe

Where I was carefree, even at the beginning of March, the could enjoy the mountain idyll, is now a state of emergency. Tirol is considered to be Corona-risk area. A week after I returned from vacation, it means: All that were in the last 14 days in Tirol, please stay home!

Hopelessly overloaded

For me, the invitation comes very late. At this time I am walking already for a week calmly to the office, for sports and Shopping through half of Hamburg. Until a few days ago I didn’t even know I was in a high-risk area. And signs of a disease I had not – up to said Assembly.

On the same day, I try to put the competent authorities in Hamburg are informed. Finally, all of you that have symptoms and recently in a high-risk area have stopped, be asked to take the test. Driven by the concern I could quite possibly carrying the Virus already for a week unnoticed with me and also have spread, I choose the number of the medical on-call service 116 and 117. Again and again. But in vain. Except for a miserably long tape announcement I hear nothing. Also my doctor is unable to reach.

Deceptive Calm

On Tuesday evening I’ll be at the Hamburg-based Corona-Hotline. Here, you take my information and assured me my case to the competent health Department forward. This would put me in connection, and, where appropriate, a Test prompt. This could take a while, warns me.

The peace of mind that my case is now reported at the very least, I practice myself in patience. In order not to endanger others, I set myself a quarantine. Even if it means for me, a complete waiver of any and all contacts.

From nervousness, frustration is

It day passes to the day. However, it is under radio silence. The Isolation is eating away at my nerves. Since I live alone, I get actually days not a single soul to face. When Angela Merkel addressed the Nation, and the nervousness in frustration.

Because: I’m me so of the Seriousness of the situation aware. I’ll take it as a precautionary measure of responsibility for my fellow human beings. Even if the probability that I have a conventional flu, is much higher, the residual risk for a Corona-infection remains.

But it seems to be of interest to anyone if I am infected. It seems to be of interest to anyone, if I have spread the Virus, possibly for a week. It appeals to my reason and consideration that is demanded. However, I’m left alone in this Situation.

The fight begins again

With each day that I have in quarantine to spend, is in my mind a question: Is my caution really necessary? I would truly rather have the flu. Anything that keeps me from running to the nearest supermarket, is my reason. But for how long? Certainty would help.

The world according to the Corona

The crisis can be an opportunity – if we do everything right. And lucky to have.

But I will have to do without more. A request from the health Department shows that My case was not even reported. Why did I get in Corona-Hotline such information, you do not know to say here. The health Department could not even decide whether or not someone is tested or not, tells me a speaker. I should try more the medical on-call service. This is the only competent body.

So everything on the zero. Once again I choose the 116 117. Again, the tape sounds just announcement. Again a Test for me is not in sight.

In addition to the uncertainty, the question remains: to stop the pandemic, when cases of suspicion are not tested? On Friday Bayern output restrictions imposed. But what is the use of such measures and Merkel’s urgent appeal, if no one knows, who bears all the Virus in the world.

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