On this drug, some hopes

The spread of the Coronavirus curb, not shrink it, in the meantime, even before the radical measures: US President Donald Trump, imposed in the night of Thursday a entry stop for all EU citizens. In Germany, the first schools and kindergartens are closed, public life comes to a Standstill. Why all these measures are necessary, you can read here.

At the same time, many scientists and companies are working, the Corona epidemic. This is important, because to date there is no effective, safe and approved therapy or vaccine available. Patients with new lung disease Covid-19 be treated in the hospital, so far treated only the symptoms.

RKI expects drugs against Coronavirus

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) estimates that in the coming weeks with medication for the treatment of coronavirus infections. We are optimistic that this could then be used in Germany, said RKI President Wieler, a few days ago. Many hopes are pinned on the drug Remdesivir of the US manufacturer Gilead. Originally, the virus was developed an inhibitor against Ebola, but also against SARS and other viruses effect. Against the Coronavirus, the drug is not approved in this country, yet, in a clinic in upper Bavaria Remdesivir is now being used nationwide for the first Time at an Infected.


Corona is the test for our whole society

Christian Drosten, chief virologist of the Charité, the drug is also promising, dampens, but at the same time, the expectations. The drug is currently only available in a limited number and can only be used in very restricted: “The Patient needs to have breathing problems, so recognizable a bad history have. But one that does not also extend to bad and no cycle support funds.” That means in plain text: There is not – as of now – enough of the active ingredient for all, which is why it is important to give it to those who have the greatest probability to benefit from it.

“It is clear, what Patient would be in question”

Uta Merle, acting Medical Director of the clinic for gastroenterology, infections and poisoning at the University hospital of Heidelberg, supervised an intensive care unit with Covid-19-patients. She is also a member of the task force of the infectious diseases and is in contact with the crisis. You know, the procurement procedure to Remdesivir: “It is clearly established, which is the Patient in question would be. You can apply for its patients at the company virtually. Because, of course, worldwide requests come in, we don’t know yet how many we get cases the drug really approved. We were pleased to rooms, the way some of the hurdles out of the way, you need from the government Bureau is a Go and we were able to achieve even now, so that we will be there really fast. We are well-prepared.”

Drosten warns, however, that the drug rush to deploy: “The gradients must not be so bad, that with some probability the drug helps, so it’s already too late.” The drug should be used wisely, in order to protect the study framework. “You should not be in a Situation where there are complex cases and we are then unable to keep apart, whether there is a deterioration of the gradient at the Onset of the drug is not due to perhaps the drug. You can’t hold in clinical studies apart,” he explains in his Podcast.

Many questions are still open

For efficiency, many questions are still open, so Drosten. “I don’t know whether the drug provides a Super effect or whether or not you are not disillusioned in the end. What I hear informally that it looks so bad.” When the company is able to the active ingredient, if it helps to produce for wider parts of the population, can’t Drosten estimate. “I can’t make any forecast, because I know the internals of the production.”

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