Only a stopgap measure: what is a self-sewn Mouth can protect and what not

Shortages in respiratory delivery of protection masks at least a little cushion, were employees of the city of Essen a few days ago a creative and helpful idea. Instead of waiting for the in many hospitals rare Mouth guard and wringing our hands, attack to eat now even to needle and thread. The fabric and the patterns for the “Do-it-yourself”masks of the city. First of all, you are in charge of the youth career assistance, the society for Social services, and other small organizations in order to sew the reusable appeal. Because also the employees of a company are entered in the production, are produced in the city in the Ruhr area, currently around 15,000 so-called makeshift-mouth-nose protectors, in short: BMNS,. As a help, not only with a detailed sewing instructions, but also important tips to care come from the town hall.

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And also in Bielefeld, some Hobby-hand workers currently in the domestic sewing machine. Because you’ll be on the official path will always be harder to protective masks, wool, provisions, said Daniel Heihoff from the German Red cross (DRK). Therefore, the DRC asks individuals, but to sew from authorities closed companies and workshops for disabled people, masks and the DRC to deliver.

Wear protection is reduced may be routes of Transmission

The city of Essen on your site explicitly state, that the self-made respiratory protection is neither tested nor certified to be. He was only to be used as a reasonable Alternative, if the trade bottlenecks should arise. “It is useful to bear in every encounter, especially with high – risk patients – a mouth-nose protection to prevent the distribution of the droplets,” it says in the instructions accompanying notice. The Wearing of protection could reduce the Transmission of a Coronavirus infection, at least.

Virologist Drosten is encouraging, but warns against a false sense of security

Christian Drosten, a virologist at Berlin’s Charité, welcomed in one of his last Podcasts, the idea is to sew a Mouth guard for yourself. “Those who have a good feeling that could do it quietly,” said the medic. At the same time, however, he warned against a false sense of security. The DIY mask, keep damp pronunciation of the carrier, while coarse droplets, the Inhalation of smaller airborne particles could be a self-sewn mouth protection but probably not prevent. In addition, he is independent of a Mouth guards are meticulously taken care of a good Hygiene of the hands, so Drosten.

Mouth guard yourself to sew: you need

The sewing instructions in the pictures you will find here.

Important! Permeability of the cloth test

Before you get started with the sewing, you should examine urgently whether Breathing is through the fabric at all possible. Fold the cloth diaper or the light cotton cloth twice and place it tightly around the mouth and nose. Try now sharply, and again exhale. This works without major respiratory resistance, the Material can be used as a Mouth guard.

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So you wash the respiratory protection brand Eigenbau

At least as important as the protection itself, while On and off, as well as the cleaning, to pay meticulous attention to the currently valid hygiene rules. So, it is recommended to store the protection the dry. Particularly important: The mask should be removed after use, without touching the potentially contaminated outer surfaces. Wash thoroughly the hands. The makeshift protection can be washed at 90 degrees in the washing machine, unless you use the recommended materials. Alternatively, it can be in a water bath for five minutes to cook.

Source: City Of Essen; The Editorial Network Of Germany; “Neue Westfälische”

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