Pain during change of weather: illusion or not?

Since ancient times it is believed that there is a connection between the weather and pain. In scientific investigations it could not be proven as yet, clearly. British researchers have collected with the help of an App for Smartphones data to the sensation of pain of residents of the United Kingdom, and this with the weather situation compared to The results according to sensitivity to weather is not a figment of the imagination.

The study "Cloudy with a Chance of Pain" took advantage of an App, the fed almost 2,700 people on a regular basis with the information to your daily Are. The researchers then searched for Correlations with the weather in your place of residence. This showed that the temperature and falling air pressure in the case of a change in the weather, contrary to expectation, no effects were. Many had more pain when the relative humidity to rise: for every ten percent humidity, the pain increased feeling of almost 14 percent. Also the Wind made itself felt, and with a two percent increase in the sensation of pain with an increase in the speed of one Meter per second.

Effects of weather change are more likely to be low

The scientists come to the conclusion that the weather also influences the sensation of pain, the effects are overall rather small. Nevertheless, their estimates of the probability of pain increased during the most unfavourable weather conditions to about twenty percent.

Other factors that could influence the perception of pain, were also queried. Physical activity levels are, therefore, not with pain, but a cloudy mood: it increased the risk of Pain four times.