Researchers: Coronavirus could be from the bat lab at the fish market in Wuhan get

The number of confirmed infections with the new Coronavirus (Covid-19) is increasing in the world still. In China alone, have been infected since the outbreak, more than 70,000 people, the country reported until Monday around 1770 deaths, such as the health Commission, said in Beijing. Especially difficult are the 60 million inhabitants in the province of Hubei, also belongs to the million city of Wuhan is affected. In the largely isolated region of 58,000 infections and 1696 deaths have been confirmed. Experts fear, however, a high number of unreported cases.

Although experts suspect that the source of the Coronavirus animal was a wild to a fish market in Wuhan, circulate unchanged, numerous conspiracy theories (you can read about a particularly abstruse false information and rumours) that Covid-19 could have its origin in a germ warfare experimental laboratory. This laboratory-rumor, although without a biological Background, will now be fed also by a theory of two scientists from China, how first “” reported.

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Researchers: vulnerability in the lab could have set Virus-free

According to the report, the researchers Botao Xiao, and Lei Xiao think it is possible that the Virus could have come from a less than 300 meters from the suspect fish market nearby laboratory in which to bats being studied. The animals shall in addition to flying foxes as a possible Vector of the new corona virus in the market in Wuhan bats have not been offered to previous findings, however, according to.

Their suspicions, Covid-19 could not be reached due to a security gap from the laboratory to the market, expressed by the scientists, according to “t-online” on the last Friday in a post on the research database “”. Therefore, the researchers of the possible origins of the Virus had been busy and the question were whether, and where, in Wuhan with viruses in bats research is conducted. Your result: in addition to another laboratory, this is done in the center for disease control and prevention, just once, 280 meters away from the suspected Outbreak.

Million city in China

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Post deleted subsequently from the research database

Reliable evidence for your theory Botao Xiao, a Professor at the South China University of Technology , and Co deliver author. On the contrary, further studies are needed to be able to a possible connection to demonstrate. Whether there was actually a mishap in the laboratory, is completely unclear. What is surprising, however: The contribution is not any more since Saturday on the research portal, as well Xiaos profile is gone. A request from “t-online” to let Xiao according to the report, unanswered, also the center for disease control and prevention have issued no information to the facts of the case.

The timing of the cancellation of the contribution according to the report, a according to Chinese media, also on Saturday issued a Declaration of the Ministry of science, according to which the safety in the virus-working laboratories increases should be. Whether there is a connection: this is also unclear. It is established, however, that Xiaos was subsequently promoted distant contribution from the National Natural Science Foundation of China, an organization affiliated to the Chinese state Council, the highest administrative organ of the people’s Republic of, directly. Against the Background that China has not done very well in terms of proactive information policy in recent weeks, particularly positive, it leaves at least a smack.

Sources: “” / report “” (archived Version)

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