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The Murder Of Igor Talkova

Why the case of Igor Talkov was not investigated

Why reopen the case of Igor Talkova

Some time ago it became known about the resumption of the criminal case about the murder of famous in the ‘ 90s, singer Igor Talkov. The news caused a stir among fans of the song “Chistye Prudy” and “I’ll be back”, as well as among relatives and friends of the deceased artist.

What happened that fateful day, why did you decide to reopen the case about the murder of Igor Talkova and how it responded to the society, will be discussed in the material. All relevant information about this topic can be found here.

The Murder Of Igor Talkova

The murder occurred October 6, 1991, at the sports Palace in Leningrad during the precast concert of Soviet music. It was organized by producing company LIS S. the Murder occurred between 16:00 and 16:30 Moscow time. It happened shortly before he was to go on stage.

There are several versions of what happened. For example, one of the suspects is the singer Aziza, with which talc was a conflict from-for the next performance. The initiator was the beloved singer’s 28-year-old Igor Malakhov. Under the program, the latter had to sing Oleg Gazmanov, in front of him — Igor talc, and before that, Aziz. It was considered a prestigious event at the end, so she has demanded to rearrange Talkov and Aziza, as alleged she did not have time to prepare the speech. But the Director Tatyana Prigozhina said that make it pretty problematic is the concert takes place in the recording and lip-synch, which is technically difficult to swap. The threats worked and the replacement happened. In the dressing room sent the Manager, who had to report it.

Igor Talkov took it calmly, remembering the costumers Maria Berkova. Notably, he refused a white shirt in favor of black robes. Director of Talkova Valery Shlyafman decided to find out when will the speech of Igor, and when he was told about the change, said his ward that this is done at the initiative of “some Malakhov”. Talc sent Shlyafmana to find out the reasons. Upon return the Director told the singer that she called him “Vasek” and identified himself as “businessman of the shadow economy”, which is not worth it to argue. Igor Malakhov has called to himself, which came about 16:15. Intense conversation over the fact that in the dressing room came the guards Talkov — Alexander Barkovsky, Arkady Bondarenko and Sergey Ignatenko. They brought Igor Malakhov out of the room, which, incidentally, was a little drunk. Thus spake Oleg Gazmanov.

After two minutes in the hallway there was a scuffle. According to some reports, she first got the weapon — they say it was a revolver of system the Revolver, which, by the way, and killed Igor Talkov. According to the costumers at the singer, he did it after Shlyafman expressed in a provocative address Malakhov.

The Director then returned to the dressing room with the words: “Igor, give me something, he pulled a gun!”, what talc answered: “gun we own there,” and pulled out his gas gun. The shots didn’t help, as the gas cartridges irritant turned out to be faulty (or overdue). At this time, the guards Talkov attacked Malakhov: Barkovsky grabbed it and knocked down. Malakhov managed to fire twice — one bullet hit the floor, the other in a box of equipment. Igor Talkov started hitting the gunman in the head with the handle of a pistol. Weapons from the hands of the attacker knocked. Aziz said that he heard gunshots and ran to the emergency, saw lying lover, covered his head with a jacket. At this time Shlyafman tried to kick Malakhov, but fell into the belly of a pregnant Aziza, which she lost the baby.

And after that happened the fatal shot that led to the murder of Igor Talkova. Unfortunately, the result was almost a deadlock as the testimony of all witnesses about what happened in those moments vary. For example, Maria Berkova claims that knocked out of the hands of Malakhov gun raised Shlyafman, who shot Igor Talkov: “All stand.” One of the guards of the singer claims that he did not see how the shot Talkova. There is an opinion that lying on the ground Malakhov and shot Igor. And dancer of the group “lifeline” Elena Kondaurova told investigators that Shlyafman raised the gun without the cartridges as they were released Malakhov, talc already departed.

After the shot of Igor Talkov said, “How painful.” Then he walked a few meters to the side of the stage, fell and died in a few minutes. Was made by Igor Nikolaev. The concert was immediately stopped. The presenter came on stage and announced the shooting and asked the doctor if there are any in the audience to come backstage. First aid was rendered by doctor Igor Petosin and nurse Zoya Kozlova, who gave him two injections of a solution kordiamin and hemostatic. There is evidence that he was doing a cardiac massage, although with such injuries is strictly forbidden.

16:37 received first signal in the ambulance, and within four to five minutes, six calls to the ambulance service. Two minutes later to the scene of the murder of Igor Talkova dispatched teams — intensive care-surgical and intensive care. Only in 16:51 in the “Jubilee” came the doctors. In the medical history recorded the following: “the Heartbeat, breathing, pulse absent. Her pupils widened as much as possible”.

Dead Talc put on a drip and taken to hospital №10. This is all done under the pressure of the crowd of fans that demanded to revive Igor. The chief physician of station of an emergency medical service, said that with this diagnosis — gunshot gunshot penetrating wound of the thorax with damage to the heart and lung at exorbitant blood loss to survive was almost impossible.

“Igor Talkov was dead, irrevocably dead long before our arrival in “Jubilee.” Even if we are directly on arrival deployed at the place of his death a full-scale resuscitation of the complex of Institute of Sklifosovsky, nothing about it would have been impossible, trauma, incompatible with life,— health concept, leaving no hope to the animators, especially the patient,” said 8 years after the murder of Igor Talkov, the doctor from the ambulance crew, which arrived on the scene.

Another medic said that to take away the dead from the place of incident is impossible, but they were forced to do it.

“As soon as we arrived in the “Jubilee” and examined the talc, I realized that for him it’s over. But the crowd raged, people got violent, poked us with his fists and screaming, “Resurrect! Resurrect!” I tell them the minute that Igor Talkov was dead, and we probably would have torn to shreds,” recalled the doctor.
Also, according to her, a random shot it was like very little.

“I believe it can only shoot professionals. You can survive with a bullet in the heart, but with a bullet, killing the major coronary vessels feeding the heart, and caused massive internal bleeding with the destruction of vital organs, never. … shot Talkov accidentally or not accidentally with the first shot struck him on the spot, not leaving the slightest chance,” says the doctor.

Why the case of Igor Talkov was not investigated

Investigation for 27 years, failed to find the perpetrators of the murder of Igor Talkova. One of the main difficulties associated with the investigation, is that was not found the gun that rocked the fatal shot. The belief that after the state of emergency Valery Shlyafman took the revolver Malakhov in the dressing room, hid in the cistern of the toilet, and then got Aziz who gave his assistant Ella, Kasimati, and she returned to Igor Malakhov, who together with his weapon on a taxi fled the scene. It is believed that he took it apart and threw it into the waters of the Moika and the Fontanka.

The murder of Igor Talkov was the most notorious and mysterious in the history of domestic show-business. There is a version that the murder was preceded by some events. For example, Shlyafman became the Prime suspect in a murder case, since his arrival in the team Talkov constantly emerging conflicts. The wife of singer believes that he specifically joined the team to create an unsafe situation around Talkov, as he was always involved in them.

“Shortly before the tragedy he was fired from the group of a man who at one time was our driver, was waiting in the wings, was not opposed to the work of porter (stand equipment), then quickly began to move to administrative work, with Shlafman. But, as in the famous tale, the queries it excessively growing, and he began to claim authority, which corresponded neither professionally, nor in human moral qualities. There was a gap, he was dismissed from the team, which led to threats on his part. Where a number of 3-4 October, we held a short phone conversation during which Igor was a man of few words, however, sounded a principle: “are You threatening me? Well. Declare war? I’ll take it. Let’s see who will be the winner,” recalled Tatyana Talkova. And the musician’s son said that a few days before the death of the father arguing with someone on the phone: “What are you doing? I and so not more than a month left to live”.
Upon murder criminal case No. 381959. The first charge brought Igor Malakhov, hit-and-run. He was declared wanted on October 10, 1991. In the end, he voluntarily surrendered, having already managed to get rid of the gun. Investigative experiments showed that he could not shoot in Talkova. According to the forensic, ballistic and situational expertise, could shoot only Director Talkov Valery shlyafman. However, these data caused a negative assessment of Tatiana Talc.

“What confidence can cause the results of this vaunted comprehensive examination, if the basis of estimates based on incorrect source data. So, on a press-conferences in St.-Petersburg in the spring of 1992, the investigator V. Zubarev, prosecuting, said the killer was “about the same height Talc”. This is despite the fact that the growth Igor 1 m 82 cm and the growth Shlyafmana not above 1 m 65cm. Comments are superfluous here,” said she.
In 1992 Shlyafman went to live in Israel. Since there was in Russia. And Igor Malakhov sentenced to conditional punishment for the illegal purchase and possession of firearms. Until 2011, about him nothing was known. Only in 2013 it became clear that he changed his name to brown, was married to actress and had two children. Also, there is evidence that has been associated with the Kurgan criminal gang in the 90s. And in 2016 it became known about his death.

Shlafman in absentia brought accusation under article “Murder on imprudence”. But he disappeared from the investigation, the case was suspended. The investigator went on a business trip to Israel, but she was not agreed, therefore, to interrogate the accused and failed. In 1993, the attorney General appealed to the justice Ministry with a request to arrest Shlyafmana, to give Russia, but the mutual extradition of criminals between Russia and Israel were not Treaty. Accordingly, was denied. In 1997, the case got a new turn Shlyafmana could judge in Israel, but on the other side it does not matter. In 2011, it was stated that Sclafani in Israel was never a suspect in the murder of Igor Talkova. In 2012 he changed his name to Vysotsky and not once gave an interview in which he said that he does not consider himself guilty of the murder of the singer. He believes the culprit Igor Malakhov, adding that “nobody wants his criminal case was brought to the end.”

Why reopen the case of Igor Talkova

Already it was as much as 27 years, and the perpetrators of the murder are still not punished. What has changed in the case of the murder of Igor Talkova and why it decided to resume?

The petition of Tatiana Talc became the basis for reopening the case. The victim in the criminal case is now considered to be the widow of Igor Talkova. In November 2018, she was acquainted with the case materials. Including

“We want to end this thing, bring it to court. The investigation group composed of the a very serious a very serious investigators and experts worked 27 years ago and called the one person who could make this shot. Insinuations on this issue are already tired of all completely. The last straw was broadcast on may 8 of this year, when the journalist was invited Shlyafmana in the Studio. This man is in Federal search” — confessed to a family friend Irina Krasilnikova.
The criminal investigation continues.