RKI President announced encouraging development in the Corona-crisis – and warns, nevertheless,

You can see in the Video, such as RKI-President Lothar Wieler of the Corona-the Situation in Germany in the 30. April 2020 evaluates.

Lothar Wieler, RKI President, says on 30. April, 2020: “If you think back, then we get to this week about 1000 to 1500 cases per day transmitted. This is less than in the last week, and this is a welcome development. In the last week, we had as always some 2000 cases of the day. But as we have reported just every day new cases. We appreciate, from the information available to us, not 123.500 Covid-19-are Infected recover again. And the reproduction number is estimated to be 0.76. This means that according to these calculations, in the middle is now a Sars-Cov2-infected Person is less than a can still infect others. This is of course a welcome development. And as I said, let us continue to keep, because we are the ones who carry this Virus. Let the distance rules, and so on to comply with. […] The number of deaths and the share of the deceased is still high. Four per cent is payable on the current calculation on the basis of the officially reported case. And this is due to the fact that we have still outbreaks in old people’s homes, in nursing homes and in hospitals. And there are others that have a particular risk are of course just. We have many infections and disease cases in older people. And the deaths that occur now involve people who were infected before two weeks.”