So you sleep in the holiday

Unfamiliar surroundings, time changes, different climate: Instead of recovery, many travelers are expected once the one or the other sleepless night. With these tips, you sleep in the holiday good anyway

Deep, restful slumber: In the first Näwant a holiday not a Selbstverstäsensitivity

Finally relax: Everyone needs a break. Für many gehört for a successful vacation, to sleep for a long time. No alarm clock, the 6 o’clock in the day einläutet. However, some people wätoss my up restless in strange beds, to find no place to rest, especially in the first days in an unfamiliar place. To doze why this is so and what can help better the erkl&auml, ;ren here is a sleep and travel medical. 

Herbal Präparate and short-acting sleep aid köcan help

Some people help pflanz­available Präpreparations made with Valerian, hops and passion flower from the pharmacy, to get better rest. Who among fierce Schlafstöretention suffers, should sleep only after Rücksprache with your doctor ein­pack. The travel doctors Dr. Burkhard Rieke rät, it gemäß the time to take.

"Außmoreover, it should be a short-acting Präthe Council of Europe, so it’s not a Hangover kommt", the PräPresident of the German Fach­company für travel medicine – for example, with the active ingredient zopiclone for the Short-term treatment of Einschlafstö. 

Safety sleep: genes that keep us awake

Half way around the world flown, todmüde to bed &ndash fallen; and then, barely a wink. Familiar to you somehow? "We are in a strange place oberflädoes sleep and hellhöriger, evolu­­tionsbiologisch a very meaningful Verhalten", erläDr. Hans-G&uuml explained;nter Weeß, Is a psychologist and Director of the sleep center at the “Pfalzklinikum”, für psychiatry and neurology in Klingenmüwindow.

In our genes, the year-‘m &uuml thousands of old experience, that we;on the lälongest part of human history in ungeschüestimated dwellings have slept. Weeß: "Unusual Geränoises, movements, steps in your sleep früto register growth at an early stage schüour ancestors protected against life-threatening hazards." About the sprichwölocal Säbelzahntiger or enemy Stäthe right to decide. 

A study from the journal Current Biology shows that the left Hirnhähalf of the first night in a strange place tatsäactually gleichermaßen guard hält and wäduring the deep sleep phase is somewhat more active than the right.  

In spite of high temperatures rather zurücautious kümiss

Start at 12 degrees, to arrive at 35? On a trip to Asia or the tropics, vöcompletely normal. "Especially moist heat is für the Köbody very distressing and also makes it difficult to the Schlaf", &shy says;Rieke. "Ultimately, you cannot get around in the Hotel, then to a conditioning or at least a fan." 

The travel doctors warns, however, the bedroom is too strong to kümiss. Suffer the Köbody to a temperature shock, is a Erkäcold programmed – and this, in turn, poor sleep. Therefore, you should be more with the air conditioning not as fünf to seven degrees below the ambient temperature.  

Time shift: sleep time to the local time to adjust

Who goes on a trip, ends up doing sometimes in a different time zone. The Schlafqualit&auml can;t in the first days of the holiday to deteriorate significantly. "Our inner clock benöone to two days required, an hour ­­Time shift to gewöstand up and sich  completely umzustellen", erklärt Schlaf­physicians Weeß.

We note, for example, in the Früspring and autumn in the transition to summer or winter time. To make the transition as smooth as possible, rät travel medical Rieke: "The rigorous adaptation to the local time pattern ­helps the best to a ungestögardens, sleeping on the ground."

Favorite pillow and Ohrstöpsel help fall Asleep

Nackenhörnchen ermöa more comfortable sleeping aligned position in the hotel bed. Who generally Wirbelsäulenproblemen is suffering, you should pack the neck pillows from home in the suitcase or a travel format für the resort. In some Hotels köcan Gäste a "Kissenmenü" your favorite model wämiss: spelt, cherry core, pine, horse hair, or rather down?

Generally speaking, it may be useful to usual sleeping rituals to maintain on holiday. For example, the tea after dinner, or the Füdo a diary. So K&ouml find;body and head and easier to rest. Ohrstöpsel or soothing meditation music über Kopfhörer dazzle also störende environmental stimuli. Für sensitive Schläfer, it is worth at the time of reservation, after a particularly quiet room away from the noisy Hauptstraße  or to ask the car Park.

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