Söder: Germany is in the fight against Corona to slowly scientists prove him right

Over 1000 new infections in one day: The Coronavirus is spreading in Germany rapidly. Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Federal government have tightened up on Monday for measures to curb the disease. There are many shops are to be closed and worship services as well as leisure activities and sport events is prohibited. The measures are to apply immediately to – the implementation is the responsibility of the länder and the municipalities.

Bavaria’s Prime Minister Markus Söder (CSU), welcomed the new rules but Germany responded in the struggle against the Virus far too slowly.

Coronavirus in Germany

What is there? – Corona and the consequences

Söder: “We have to decide”

On Monday evening Söder claimed in a television Interview that the Federal government and the countries now need to act more quickly. “I think we need a bit more pace in the German policy.”

The challenge was “greater than intended”. But: “We can’t debate endlessly about it, we have to decide.” With a view to responsible politicians and representatives of authorities, Söder said there was in the countries of “the one or the other, you have to convince”.

He was glad that in the end everything flap “and that we are now in unison,” said CSU chief.

The recommendations of the experts will act immediately

Output from the lock as in some other European countries, Söder castle again. “I can give you no guarantee what is in a week,” he said. At the same time but stressed: “We will always act reasonably, we always act according to the recommendation of the virologists.”

It was clear to him: “I want to, that we hesitate not a day when we get the recommendation to act now.”

On Monday, Bayern had provided for the protection of the economy from the effects of Coronavirus-crisis aid package in the amount of ten billion euros. To be able to use the funds in a timely manner to release, he wanted to brake the constitutional debt on a temporary basis for initially one year override.

The Green politician Cem Özdemir praised the Minister-President of Bavaria for his actions. “I think the Söder makes the good,” wrote the former Green-Federal Chairman, early Tuesday morning on Twitter.

Italian scientists criticize hesitant Federal government

The late Intervention of the German government had criticized on Monday, several Italian scientists. Roberto Burioni, one of the most famous virologists in Italy, warned against the impending danger to underestimate. “Italy has done that for a week,” said Burioni, this error should not make other countries.

Similarly, Stephan Ortner, Director of the research Institute at Eurac Research in Bolzano said. Germany’s need for “a full braking, a Lockdown, at least, as Italy has now” demanded the scientist. “If Germany does not do that immediately, they will not receive you there the Numbers in the handle.”


Italian researchers appeal to Germany: you are making the same mistakes as we

At the same time Ortner warned of further hesitant to take Action: “half-hearted measures now can harm more than you benefit. The longer you wait with the curfew, the more people will then, be when she comes, already infected and in homes for more to infect.”

Ortner and Burioni both calling for a coordinated strategy of the EU member States to contain the Virus. Without strict measures in Europe, a country could achieve, although at times success, said Burioni. But then the exciter will return from a less strict neighbouring country.

EU Council President Charles Michel also spoke to this: He demanded from the member States and more coordination for protective measures against the Corona of a pandemic. Also at the border of “locking, we have to harmonize the measures as far as possible,” said Michel in a French Radio France Inter in front of a Video-conference of the EU heads of state and government on Tuesday. In Detail, the countries could approach quite different, but it should always be to slow down the spread of the Virus.

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